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 Yeah, probably the case... but I am fundamentally against customs because of almost the same thing- fit must be absolutely perfect, sometimes requiring adjustments to the shells, or even re-molds (multiple sometimes). And then there's the lack of resale value, and the fact that your friends can't sample the top tier sound. I'd rather fiddle with tips than all the potential issues with customs. And friends can hear what I'm experiencing too. 
This is about as bulky as I like to go for 'portable'. I have a fairly large case, so I just store the DX90 & Rx MK3 bundled together, so setup is nice and quick at work. The combo is sounding awesome.     
I find that in order for the mids to sound right even on the Ref.1, tip choice and placement is crucial. Pick the slightest wrong tip, and install it even a touch too far up the nozzle, and the mids (and I mean vocals mainly) can sound a bit constrained and distant... slightly 'U' shaped if you will. But find the perfect tip which allows the most open sound, and jam it down as far as it'll go on the nozzle, and it blossoms dramatically, sounding nice and full and lifelike....
 That's the exact same experience with the bass I had. At first, out of the box, it was like 'oh my lord that's almost too much'... but then right around the 20-24 hr. mark on the nose it tamed enough to where the extension is still awesome, but cleaner. And it's been the same ever since.  warrior1975-Excellent you received them finally! Must be loving life right now getting accustomed to the sound.
I can compare the sound I'm hearing with the Ref.1 to my memory of the SE846 (unfortunately don't have anymore). From what I recall of the SE846, it was way down on soundstage size, with a much more constrained feeling (read 'intimate'). And yes, the bass was not nearly as extended, textured, and communicative as that of the Ref.1. It was more one note, and generic, although did extend quite deep for a BA setup. Treble was another issue... it was only remotely well...
Rockbox available now for the DX90. Sounds easy to do even for a tech fail like me! I will be trying this soon to see how much the SQ improves.
That cable is absolutely gorgeous, with how the wood jack and Y juncture match the IEM body. Nice work.
So for anyone who thinks the Ref.1 is a touch rolled off in the highs, and happens to also own a Dita IEM, I highly recommend their single flange silicon tips with the medium grey opening. I had tried this tip when I first got the Ref.1, but for some reason thought it was worse sounding than the single flanges which came with the Ref.1. Maybe I hadn't pushed it down as far as it would go on the nozzle or something. I was listening to both last night, and realizing how...
It's the most common type... from Westone to JH Audio, UM, to most CIEM makers. Although Westone has just started using more of a Shure-like connector with a swivel, and the JH Audio Roxanne uses a different connector with a thread down collar. 
 Ah, yeah, I can see where that would lead to some confusion seeing that picture the first time. It looks like Tralucent made a cable for Fitear models. If Tralucent made the Ref.1 with those connectors, it would be such a nice upgrade. I'm telling you, when I had the Fitear TG334, the way the cables snapped into place was one of my very favorite things about the whole package. It just oozed quality. 
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