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 I can tell you that the ZX2 won't drive any demanding headphones or highly inefficient IEMs (at least without much authority)... which is why I am starting to think about the Cowon P1! 
  Selling my lightly used pair of Noble K10U. It is in excellent condition cosmetically (there is a tiny area on the back of one of the ear loops where the end of the wire is just starting to poke through- see image), and functionally perfect, having been used only for about 3 months. I am the first owner and purchased it directly from Brannan at Noble. I'm selling because other new gear results in this being redundant. It comes with all original accessories and...
Well I can't seem to get the volume output trick to work at all, since having done the most recent Sony update to the firmware (did this a while ago). And I really need it now that I have the UM Mason. It's a super power hungry IEM. I've tried all the instructions I can find, even Whitigir's thorough step-by-step to check dynamic normalizer, before disabling sound adjustments.    Frustration setting in! 
Unfortunately I can't answer that as I don't listen to, and am not familiar with jpop.... Sorry! 
 Sure no problem. I actually bought the Maverick too, in order to come to a decision on one to keep. Right out of the box (and I made the mistake of listening to the Mason for an extended bit first today before trying out the Maverick) I like the Mason significantly better than the Maverick. Which is funny because I decided at the last minute to get it too just in case, fully expecting to like the Maverick better with its dynamic driver bass. Turns out I find the bass of...
What specifically are you looking for comparisons on? I don't really have very many IEMs left in my stable anymore!
OMG, the Mason, straight out of the box!! Unreal.    *Initial thoughts, take with grain of salt*
 Negative, none to speak of unless it's present in the recording.
He definitely should, no doubt. 
It was the same for me too, where I emailed a couple times over a period of 2-3 months waiting... The cable eventually came; he has a large backlog to work through most of the time I believe. Just be patient, he does really nice work.
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