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I want to find a pair of Sony's MDR-7520 for work or general use. Please PM with offers to sell.   I'm thinking something like $250-$280... negotiable.    Thanks in advance.
***Sold***   I have a like new pair of Future Sonics Spectrum G10 for sale. It's in perfect condition, with only a handful of hours. I just feel the Future Sonics house sound is not my cup of tea anymore... It comes with all original accessories, case, and packaging. Save a fair chunk over retail with this listing Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.  
Well the K10U is sold, and I am continuing to thoroughly enjoy the Mason. The K10U just couldn't hold up to the completeness of the Mason's sound. By contrast the K10U exhibited a noticeable sense of thickness and lack of resolution through the mids, which was only apparent after receiving the Mason. The Mason's midrange resolution, detail, and fullness (without any of that thickness) just won me over from day one. The sense of space is also better on the Mason, much more...
I think it also included a kill of whatever the volume output trick affected with the player! I certainly can't get it to work anymore and I'm certain I haven't been doing anything different than when I had the last firmware. When running the new update, it warns that you cannot go back to an older one either... So you'd really want to be sure you won't need to use the output trick at all. 
Has any one with the most recent firmware build 1.01 been able to get the volume output trick to work? I can't seem to....
Wow, 3,000- 5,000, and you still get the same poorly designed solid band with no click stops to hold the ear cups in place, and keep them from creeping down while they're being worn. That was the most aggravating thing when I had the Pandora Hope VI. You'd get it set where sizing was just right, then it would keep loosening up as the ear cups slid down those bands. 
 Awesome... yeah, I'm sure the Layla is a much smoother experience than the 1p2. I had the Ref.1 for a while and thought the treble was quite biting, and the mids recessed. I like having a more balanced phone currently! Micro details are a good thing indeed! 
Awesome setup... How does the Layla pair with the ZX2? 
I have a brand new pair of UM Maverick for sale. It is in pristine condition, with only a handful of hours on it. Still not broken in. I've just decided to proceed with a different path for my main IEM. It comes with all original accessories, protective case, and packaging. Save yourself the need of having to import it from Japan to the US... it's here in the States already with this one.Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.**sold**
Selling my lightly used pair of ASG-1Plus. It is in essentially perfect condition, both cosmetically and functionally, having been used very lightly for about 6 months. I am the first owner and purchased the pair new. Too much other gear, and need to raise funds for upcoming purchase, bring about the sale. It comes with all original accessories, protective case, and packaging. Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.     **SOLD**
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