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# of drivers? Looks like an extended shell from the Parterre almost... Maybe it has an additional driver or two? 
 Wow, you rank the SE846 higher than the Roxanne (universal or custom)? I owned the 846 for a good while. Liked it reasonably well for the time. Recently heard the Roxanne universal at Sound and Vision... and while it admittedly wasn't the longest demo time or most ideal conditions, I didn't hear anything to write home about really. It seemed a bit dead in the treble area. By comparison, I much, much prefer the highs of my ASG-2.5 (which is tops of my heap right now, even...
Parterre is awesome for sure. Just recently acquired one myself. A bit late to the party.
You mean it easily sounds better than your current FA-4E XB? Sounds dangerous for my account. Uh oh.   More detailed comparisons please!
Found that where? A 5 driver from FA would certainly be amazing I'm betting.
Great deal on an essentially new pair! 
Doesn't sound like this is compelling enough for me to spend that kind of dough, if it isn't a significant step up from the EX1000.... Especially after recently picking up the Parterre, and ASG-2.5. I'm spoiled on spaciousness now.
I don't have the Answer on hand currently anymore, just going by memory... But the Parterre seemed more connected across the entire range, with no obvious dips or overly harsh spots. The Answer by contrast had slightly withdrawn mids/vocals, and the treble seemed more peaky and could be irritating from time to time. The Parterre's bass could not match the dynamic driver's low reach though. That's about the only area I preferred the Answer's sound. Everywhere else the...
Oh no, from that description, I am going to really want a pair of Z7.... 
These days I find myself reaching for the Parterre most often (even though was late to the party)... That is between it, the LAB 1, and the ASG-2.5 (which I also highly enjoy). The clarity and resolution is a touch better than the other two, and that crystalline presentation is like a drink of clear spring water whereas the other two are a tad more thick sounding. All three are amazing IEMs though.
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