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Selling my very lightly used QP1R, color is space grey. The condition is mint, and it comes with box and everything originally provided. Reason for sale is that I need something with longer battery life for International travel with my work.    Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.     **sold**
Thanks all, for the info on driver flex!
What's the general consensus on driver flex? Is it damaging to the dynamic driver over time if it happens frequently? ....Or more of a harmless thing? 
 I get bad driver flex each time I put them in... especially on right side. It even happens when moving it around and adjusting the seal! I'm a bit concerned as well. I'm using grey sub-bass, grey low, and gold treble. Tips are Sony Hybrids. 
I feel the same way about the FLC8s compared to the U12 & Rhapsodio Solar. There may be a couple things that each does with some more refinement than the FLC8s, but overall I find myself going for the FLC8s more often on an everyday basis. Especially with the new upgrade cable. That makes a small but noticeable difference in treble sparkle, and overall air / spaciousness. Definitely a nice sonic addition. It's crazy the sound quality it offers for the money. 
Ordered the crystal silver upgrade cable last night. Looking forward to hearing what sort of audible difference it makes.
Still can't believe how this little IEM humbles some of the big boys....   Like someone posted recently, I've settled on the stock combo of filters: grey/grey/gold. Smooth, detailed, and just right... And I'm using Sony old school hybrid tips. Fit was really tricky for me (angle of nozzle doesn't seem to line up very well with my ear canals, and the right side especially wants to work back out), so it took a lot tip trials to find something to work in an ideal way. 
  ***Sold***   Selling my Campfire Audio Jupiter... The pair is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally (technically in as new). Other recent purchases, and my ongoing 'problem' with trying as many IEMs as I can, lead me to the decision to sell.  It comes with all original accessories, protective case, and packaging. Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.      
**Sold**   Selling my Rhapsodio Solar, with still fairly minimal hours. It's in near perfect condition cosmetically, and functions as new from the factory (with some burn in/usage time of course). It comes with all original accessories, protective case, and packaging. The tips shown on the Solar are UE900, and are not included with the sale. Reason for the sale is to pick up some other gear, otherwise I'd keep it!  Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US...
  I know! No worries. It'll be amazing though, I'm sure. I'd actually already purchased the U12 yesterday, then read your comparison w/the Jupiter, and am really chomping at the bit now to receive it. I have a good base of reference with the Jupiter, and do find it quite enjoyable still, so if the U12 is that large a jump, then look out! Done & done... potentially.
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