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Hate to do it, but selling my Pandora Hope VI... Condition is pristine, and it sounds amazing. Pick up this headphone for a great price.    Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.   Pictures (better) will be posted soon.    $550   $515
Kiats-  Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but how do you use a Tralucent cable on the Fitear IEMs?? Did you get an uber made with the Fitear connectors or something?
 That's what I hear when I compared the Tenore to the Dita Answer, and now the Ref.1.... It definitely drops off earlier, and sounds like the driver gets confused, when there's really low hard hitting material.    No, I definitely mean the uber lows... It just is not as dynamically extended as the two phones mentioned above. But I mean really, it is an approx. $50 phone...
I'm really wanting to try and track down the ever elusive LAB1...     Edit-  Found!!!   
 I find on dynamic recordings, with really low hard hitting bass, it rolls off early and can't handle the extreme low frequencies.
My workout IEM is the Tenore... heh.  
Looks like there's stock at Jaben Thailand (how many who knows)....
 What is in your sights as the next purchase that you're rounding up funds for with the ZX1?? 
Great post SF. While I do share a bit of the sentiments from that critical post, I also appreciate every ounce of what you clarified. Oh yes, and then there's the sound....     
 Awesome, thanks. Plan on getting a package of them. Is the dot removable once it's been adhered inside the socket? ...Just in the interest of returning it to original state should another owner want it off? 
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