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I'm truly stoked to receive the IT03 soon (hopefully this week). With the recent comments by respected members of how it stacks up vs. the A91 and Andromeda, they speak volumes of what the SQ may be like. And I already thoroughly dig the A91 after less than 2 weeks of ownership. Can't wait to get it. 
I'm wondering if this can possibly just about equal the sound of the A91 Sirius but with better isolation and a lower hit on funds... because I really dig the A91's SQ. Sure hope so.
Ordered!   Looks by the shell design that isolation is quite good. And thank goodness the color is something sensible..... Sure looks the business.
Yep, the shell size is very large, and combined with the shallow depth they sit at, can make for problematic fit... definitely. Don't give up on tip choices. The red core silicone ones from Penon Audio are really great with the Sirius, I'm glad I included a pack of them in my order. 
  I'd say it was more of a dynamic driver thing... better weight and extension to the bass (doing the mod removes the bass bleed into the mids, and lets the clarity breathe significantly better), more of a natural tone up through the mids and vocals... The clarity on the Andromeda kept up with the modded S5, but it fell behind in the other aspects where great dynamic driver phones excel. The sense of space was better on the modded one too. I think the S5 just felt more...
What, do I have to take a picture to 'prove' it to you? Jeez.... I have a 1st gen, a 2nd gen, and I live in the same city that the guy who's experimenting with all the mod procedures does. He's doing one for me as well currently.    But anyway, back to the Andromeda.... 
 I've heard a couple of the modded Series 5's, and it's apparent that obtaining a consistent result is quite tricky. Apparently the key is to puncture the filter just right, or even do a series of small pushes around the edges of the filter's circle so it dislodges. If done correctly, the sound is absolutely astounding. The one modded most successfully sounded noticeably better than the Andromeda to my ears, no doubt. 
Yeah, I was concerned a bit by it from the very beginning too, but I suppose I can take it as a sign to play around with some aftermarket cables. Last night I tried my ALO SXC 24 spc on it, and it definitely brought  some added clarity and sparkle which was great. Bass took a little step back though in terms of weight which I didn't like! Plus that cable is so darn stiff and springy it's about at the bottom of the pile ergonomically speaking that I've ever used.... so I...
I'm already getting some fraying to the fabric cable wrap, on the right side where it bends over the top of the ear. Not too pleased about that. Maybe I should just take it as a sign to go aftermarket as well. 
Selling my Campfire Audio Andromeda (1st gen). It's in near perfect condition cosmetically, and functions as new. It comes with all original accessories, protective case, and packaging. The ALO SXC 24 cable & Sony Hybrid tips in photo are not included (will include the cable for $200 additional).Price includes shipping for continental US only. Paypal fee extra if not sent as gift.   ***Sold***
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