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    Noble K10 Universal sounds awesome with the ZX2!
I've got a pair on loaner tour... and used to own regular version MkII a while back. I'm surprised all over again how solid an earphone this is. I can certainly hear that extra bass foundation in the mix with their house sound signature. I may have to pick up a pair as a keeper IEM. It's more than enjoyable coming right off of listening to some much more high end company.
  Thanks for that, helps a ton. I will order some and see how they do on the K10U.... 
Could you post a link to where they are on the site? I can't seem to find their additional tips....
I think for me as to why I didn't post more in depth impressions... it's because I'm learning that they're tough to form resolved observations/impressions during. There's noise around (especially troublesome with open phones), distractions, and most rigs are playing music you aren't familiar with. That said, the Airbow system I could tell was quite special compared to the others around in that situation. Someday I'll have some Stax gear at home to enjoy in a more...
One of those who told you the Airbow was their favorite was me. It really nice sounding and very fast. I loved how fast it sounded, with such control over the notes. At some point I know I'm going to get something by Stax, no doubt. 
Just listen to the device... that's what it's made for! 
Yes, a huge thanks for hosting the meet in your space.    Here are a few casual shots I got....        
Goofwad- I think your review is why I have kept it, even in the company of the over-3X-the-price Noble K10U! It really is an awesome IEM, price excluded. Nice review, and even though you say you don't have much experience you very nicely captured what it's like to own a pair of the 1Plus. 
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