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  Selling my Adel U12, with still fairly minimal hours. It's in near perfect condition cosmetically, and functions as new from the factory (with some burn in/usage time of course). It comes with all original accessories, protective case, and packaging.  Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.       **SOLD**     **Pics to follow soon**
Wow, that Foxtex univ sure looks intriguing. I wish it could be possible to demo it somehow in HK, as I'll be there for the afternoon on Thursday, with a burning hole in my wallet! I may head back to the states with something along the lines of the new Oriolus ver2, or Rhapsodio Galaxy... Hope to get to demo the Fitear Fitear at Jaben Hk too.    I do love that the Fostex uses the Fitear connectors, as those are far and away my favorite pin connection method. 
So after having the U12 for a month and a half now (or thereabouts), I finally feel good about heaping some compliments on this IEM. It's been a struggle for me to get the best out of it, and initially I was so unimpressed and disappointed in the sound that I was going to return it. Big mistake that would've been! First of all, I found fit quite tricky to get an ideal seal. It took experimenting at length with all the tips I have, and realizing that since the nozzle is so...
 Yes, fair point, and one plus for that color at least... 
Can you please offer the Andromeda in some other color than that god-awful green?
Yeah, I think it does need replacing. I'm going to hold off for a little while, but will return to owning one of FLC Tech's earphones once the universal custom shell version comes out. The fit was never very good for me, with the angle of the nozzle seeming off so they constantly wanted to back out of my ears and needed re-seating. Sony Hybrid tips mostly fixed this, but it was never a great fit. Hopefully the upcoming hybrid univ. shell helps this. 
I'm unfortunately having to return my pair. I've come to the conclusion that there's a slight channel imbalance, with the R side being a bit weaker than the L. No amount of tip rolling, or fiddling with fit/seating has helped, and it's distracting to listen to. It's really a bummer as I dig the sound so much. Another thing which has been problematic is that the small sub-bass plugs pop out on their own quite often! I'm totally shocked I haven't lost one yet, as thankfully...
Very quiet thread for such a nice sounding phone!         ....just got a pair a couple days ago, and really dig 'em.
Selling my very lightly used QP1R, color is space grey. The condition is mint, and it comes with box and everything originally provided. Reason for sale is that I need something with longer battery life for International travel with my work.    Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.     **sold**
Thanks all, for the info on driver flex!
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