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Info states triple driver in the email I received:    
So I just got an emailer from Cypher Labs saying they have a new earphone out. Searched HF, and nothing about it yet to my amazement. Hopefully hasn't been posted somewhere already and I missed it...   I'm a bit cautious about their description that "it's all about that bass", and it's been tuned for high highs and deep bass. Sure hope it doesn't prove to be a hugely 'U' shaped...
Glad you got it safely. I was gonna update you with tracking but I guess it got there quicker than I got a PM together. Ha ha ha....
 Yup, that's quintessential Robert.... And how it happened for me too.
 That's how I hear it too... And with the Parterre, which is a touch dry on the mids....
Nice! Golf R owner here too!
Five months and counting... I'm writing this up to a loss, and a lesson learned. Please, nobody do business with this guy. Wish it didn't have to come to a post like this, but it's beyond absurd. I'm done with Twisted Cables, and qusp. Book closed.
Today I just found The Tear Garden's album 'To Be an Angel Blind, the Crippled Soul Divide' today and love it. It's so restrained, and melodic. Really wonderful.
If Brian had only posted a couple quick updates here (which wouldn't take more than a few minutes away from completing the cables- I don't care what anyone says about taking time away from working), out of fairness to the customers and potential customers, I'd have ordered something from another cable maker rather than wait 6+ weeks... Sorry but that's just how I feel about it all now.
I think only you have the answer to your 'situation' there! Trust what you hear, and if one has to go then just make the choice. Why not keep both? 
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