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  Glad you are finding the PHVI to your liking. I agree the sound is a bargain at $600... I got my pair second-hand right at about that level and it was already burned in. The sound is just so effortless and quick, and the BA contributes brilliantly to the highs. To me one of the biggest aspects which makes the value so off the charts is the high efficiency which means you can drive it with anything. The sound is therefore great for watching movies on the computer, or...
 No not yet... That reset doesn't wipe out your music I take it?
    I tried PPCG's steps above... it really opened up things dramatically, and I got that kick in output volume (the first time). The problem is now I've tried enabling the sound enhancements again so that EQ was turned back on, and then wanted to repeat the steps so that I have the order down. The next time I ran through it, nothing. I wonder what's going on? Frustrating, because I liked what I heard.   Edit- Also, now when I've got the sound enhancements enabled again,...
 Glad to hear they're working so well for you. What tips and filters are you using btw?
 As I've mentioned a while back, the Ortofon tips (genuine ones) are far and away the best sounding for me with the FA-4E. It's totally worth trying out some. 
Not sure if this has been posted before, but on Final Audio's english website (Pandora Hope page) there's a video showing how to install pads easily. Scroll down to bottom. Looks nice and easy.
  Yep. That's why I have rolled up rubber bands underneath the cups at the slider on mine. They really should have made them with a ratcheting system along the back side of the sliders. 
 Awesome! Telephoto lens? What optics gave you that detail?
  Yep! I did the same hand holding of my iPhone up to my scope's eyepiece. I wish the color had come through better, as it was much more deep orange visually looking through the eyepiece. Also it was much harder to get it to snap to good focus since the moon was literally so much dimmer than normal.. the iPhone was working with much less light, and therefore the image quite grainy.  
A little morning enjoyment...  
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