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 Oh jeez -- I can see that now I'm going to have to pick up the Vega to go along with the IT03... thanks for the future hit my wallet is gonna take.  
I use UE900 tips pushed all the way down on the nozzle. It's another short wide bore single flange, so I think I'm getting the same benefit. Regardless of this I do still hear a slight thinness in the mids. The UE tips did help though for sure, pushed all the way down.
 I think what you are noticing is a slight thinness in the mids, and that is the one minor critique I have on the IT03 as well. The midrange is just not as rich and full as the Andromeda I used to have, or the A91 Sirius I do currently. Everything else is truly stellar, but there's just something slightly thin in the midrange band. If that fullness was there, it would be practically a perfect IEM. 
I'm totally going to get the DX200 to match up with the IT03 IEM iBasso released... I imagine that would be a great pairing.
I get the same results with Comply tips... destroy the fidelity and a total no go.
    Followed suit and tried the stock tips w/short length and wide bore, shoved all the way down as both suggestions here (normally just bypass an IEM's stock tips, figuring I've got other options which always prove to work out better).... wow, really takes this IEM to a whole new level. I used to think the midrange was a bit thin and slightly pulled back, but now it's much more full bodied, lifelike and rich. This is really something else to hear this much difference....
Yep, sure am using it with the ZX2.... 
I've been listening to my pair for a couple days as well... have no idea how many hours are on it yet, but it's not that many. I burn stuff in by just listening!   Anyway, I really am enjoying this IEM too. The amount of sound quality-to-dollar is crazy. I am for one highly thankful that at least one manufacturer is doing/has done something to reverse the crazy trend of continually raising the kilobuck+ flagship pricing. I think they're going to sell a boat load of these...
Agree that tips are of utmost importance. Without the right ones, the sound is definitely less than desirable when it comes to detail and resolution. Once the right tip is found, those aspects open up more and there is finally acceptable detail/clarity. I think the UE900 tips are pretty good, but the Penon Audio grey silicone ones w/red core help the clarity even more, and perhaps anyone ordering a pair from Penon should just automatically get a packet of those tips along...
 I purchased the IT03 from Penon Audio.
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