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 Awesome! Telephoto lens? What optics gave you that detail?
  Yep! I did the same hand holding of my iPhone up to my scope's eyepiece. I wish the color had come through better, as it was much more deep orange visually looking through the eyepiece. Also it was much harder to get it to snap to good focus since the moon was literally so much dimmer than normal.. the iPhone was working with much less light, and therefore the image quite grainy.  
A little morning enjoyment...  
  Personally I don't like ClearAudio+, as I feel it skews the balanced sound of the ZX1 too much. The only things I use are DSEE (it's so subtle, but seems to restore a touch of high end sparkle- just as the software description states), and sometimes Dynamic Normalizer if I want volume to be leveled between different artists' albums (different recordings can vary so much). 
To me the biggest improvement is the vocals / midrange... and the one area where I'm saying to myself 'I don't remember it sounding this good'. Vocals are just so rich, full, and right sounding. Very nice!
 I must have a strong neck.... No issue. And eric, you're in for a treat for sure. PHVI is a stunning phone. 
Ok, so I've been doing some listening, and yeah, I do hear some more depth to the soundstage. Also there's a perception of increased air, and vocals seem more immediate and full (as does the midrange in general). Not sure I'm hearing an improvement in bass 'cleanness', but it's certainly no worse. Perhaps I could say it does sound a bit more 'snappy' than how I remember it. This has been a nice surprise to read up on no doubt! 
Wow, miss this thread for a few days and all heck breaks loose! (good heck, of course)... Downloading update right now, and can't wait to take a listen...
You're crazy for selling!  But good luck with sale.
Thanks! But unfortunately about all I can shoot like this by holding the iPhone up to the eyepiece is the moon. Planets are too small to show any detail or come to any sort of crisp focus (I've tried, it doesn't work well!)... If I want to do any more elaborate astrophotography, I need a much more expensive, tracking, mount for the scope. Which makes sort of like the 'sorry about your wallet' slogan here- it can be a scary expensive hobby!    Maybe I can catch a lunar...
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