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I preordered from It costs a bit extra to ship it to the U.S., but I'm too impatient to wait for a U.S. release....
Well I preordered one... I know it's an expensive player, and there is much uncertainty as to how it will sound, but I am banking on it sounding at least marginally better than the ZX1 did- enough to cause me to not miss the DX90 hopefully (it's for sale)! The slick UI, design, presence now of a micro SD card slot, battery time, are all just part of what makes the whole package pretty darn enticing to me. Seems I'll have a Z player again soon enough. 
PM sent.
Selling my lightly used DX90. It is in perfect condition, both cosmetically and functionally. It sounds wonderful, especially with Lurker's latest firmware 2.1.5 L3 installed. It comes with all original packaging and accessories. No micro SD card included (I need that for my music on a future player!).  Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.    $310
Geez, speculation is so choice.... 
I sure wish the VIII came in that awesome matte black (or even a matte gunmetal or something), like the VII. I just could never go with a gold IEM...
I bet the XBA-30/40s go for a song on here too, considering all the hype around the new models.
I am selling my very lightly used Fitear Parterre. It is perfect, functionally, and cosmetically. There is not a mark on the earphone bodies anywhere. Everything original comes with it- packaging and all tips/accessories & case. I need to make room for future planned purchases, so it has to go.    $710- shipped & Paypal included.      Still available, previous sale fell through.   **Sold**
That's really cool! Makes me wish I still had a ZX1. Hopefully they'll do one for the new ZX2 really soon. I intend to look hard into getting the new Sony.  
Just reporting that yesterday I received the Starlight Fitear cable I ordered. It's been two months, but thankfully have it now and it gives a nice sonic bump to the Parterre which is nice. The wait was a bit much though! Still, the cable is very high quality work. 
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