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  I'd say either a defective pair, or bad tip seal (keep experimenting with different tip options if you have a decent selecton)... because the IT03 has anything but lacking bass (to my ears anyway), and I come from things like Futuresonics Atrio and MG6Pro custom. I'll give you that it's not very mid-bassy, if that's what you're looking for. So the bass can sort of 'hide' until your music material has something quite deep. But when sub-bass notes are present, it's hugely...
I have decided to sell my Sony ZX2 player. It is a Japanese unit, purchased from PriceJapan so no volume cap to deal with. It has been my daily DAP since day 1, and is in perfect working order. The cosmetic condition is very good, without any issues save for one corner which has a tiny area of black rubbed off (detailed in image). It comes with all original accessories, and packaging. Price includes Paypal / shipping for continental US only.    $615 Low ball offers will be...
  Yes, definitely can confirm Mango within Android is much snappier and not an issue. Hopefully a future firmware update will help the pure music mode Mango. 
 I'm referring to the full Mango OS, 'pure music' mode. 
I just wanted to be clear that the lag is not a deal breaker for me, just mildly annoying, and it keeps the device from being damn near perfect. 
 Yeah, good suggestion. I will give that a try. Don't have to bother loading music again since I'm just using a micro SD card... I'm currently running the most recent firmware. 
 For me it's when I do almost anything (in Mango)... swipe sideways between screens, press play/pause, FF, etc. Everything takes a full second or longer to happen after the button is pressed or screen swiped. It's even when I use the physical side buttons to change tracks or play/pause. Volume changes are pretty instantaneous though. Apparently there's variation from unit to unit in this regard. 
Yes, agreed that in Mango mode the touch interface is quite laggy. A couple seconds here as well to just swipe screens. UI-wise this device is far from perfect... for sure. Between the battery life, length of charge, and laggy UI, it's making me really appreciate the ease of use with my ZX2. I had planned on selling the ZX2 once I picked up the DX200 but now I'm not so sure I want to. The DX200 is definitely sonically superior though. 
On day 3 with the DX200, still familiarizing myself with everything. So far loving the full iBasso rig of this and the IT03. The sense of space around instruments is very nice, and the dynamics are a bit of a surprise to me. I feel the bass reaches lower than the ZX2 even, while being cleaner at the same time. Treble has a more tactile sensation, and is not strident at all. It's hyper detailed yet never forces the presentation. With how it sounds with just about 15 or so...
Mine should be arriving on Monday as well.
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