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not sure why. just figured it might come useful at some point. haha
thanks for the input. i think i'm gonna get a mixture of soft and hard covers. now its on to the massive pen-fi thread to see if there is a pen i might like.
Quote: Originally Posted by milkpowder Funny you say that, because some pages of my Moleskines do indeed contain plans to purchase headphone-related gear, complete with pricetags and an upgrade road-map Repeat with me: "I am an addict" what do you think about soft covers and hard covers? leaning towards soft covers, cheaper, but maybe 1 or 2 hard covers?
what are peoples thoughts about hard covers and soft covers? i'm thinking about picking up soft covers, maybe 1 or 2 hard backs, prob a little more durable?
anyone know where i can get a couple of moleskine notebooks for cheap? i mean cheaper than most places. gotta be a cheaper place online right? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Ttvetjanu Taxi home at 3am last night. good night eh?
love those kinds of days. can listen to just about anything and be overwhelmed by it all. though it sucks when theres those days where you are going through your whole collection and just cant find anything. i have those every once in awhile. hate those days
Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong No...haven't seen the movie. But good to know! it has some good tracks in it. bob dylan, simon and garfunkel...i thought they were a little odd but still good flick.
was this thread inspired by The Watchmen movie? this song was in it
i want that chair. where do i get it?
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