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i have that cd. its good stuff. love EITS and Mono both
Quote: Originally Posted by moogoob Rush: Red Barchetta EDIT: Ha! Didn't even see MeltedChalk's post. Rush FTW! heck ya! Currently listening to: SLAP THE BASS
Quote: Originally Posted by uofmtiger I should mention that I bought the reclining IMG chair I mentioned in the post above and love it. They come in two sizes and I got the large version. Here is a pic: Th headrest is adjustable, so if you do decide to recline, you can tilt the headrest to make it easier to see the monitor. how much did it cost ya?
Grado SR-80 have been for awhile now. these things are awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by uofmtiger I have not received it yet. It was around $80, so I thought it was worth giving a try. It is supposed to have an outstanding FM/AM tuner in it, too. The downside that I know about is that this unit does not have a digital output. It was not a big deal for me, but it might be for those that will listen to radio a lot. let me know how it is after you get it and use it for a couple days. would love to...
Quote: Originally Posted by uofmtiger I bought a couple large divided cubes from Target for some of my records: I also bought a Sony HD tuner how is that HD radio? i havent read much about HD radios, what does it offer? more channels and clearer music? i'm kinda of intrigued to learn a little bit more about it.
are standard BIC pens gonna be fine in these? I think I read in this thread somewhere someone was using a uniball pen that seemed to be fine, so standard pens should be fine i take it?
received mine today. man these things look slick. think i might need to get some large ones next
Quote: Originally Posted by ingwe Attended the Atlanta Pen Show today. I got a couple fountain pens (a 1943 Esterbrook w/ med nib and (another) Lamy Safari w/fine nib), a nice leather roll-up five-pen holder, some Rhodia quad note pads, and a few bottles of ink. I also got one of my pens adjusted--and reground--by this guy who really knew what he was doing (IMO, within my limited knowledge, of course). People were very helpful and friendly and...
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