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Quote: Originally Posted by adrift If anyone is planning on moving away from BoA, take my advice and don't go to 5/3rd who were just as bad for me. I'm with Chase right now, but I'm about to close out my account there and move to a local Credit Union. yea i'm with 5/3rd they are pretty bad. i have been hit with a few overdrafts...by my own admission its my fault for not looking closer at all my transactions. it doesnt surprise me that they use...
Quote: Originally Posted by skiflyer Without entering the discussion on good banking and bad banking practices... the sentiment I quoted is what we like to call asking for trouble. You go on a tirade about how you don't trust banks (fair enough), then talk about how you want to do no work to verify that they're being honest and doing things correctly. Personally, I keep it all tracked in quickbooks (plenty of free options if you don't want to spend the...
Quote: Originally Posted by woof07 Ikea...everybody has an Ikea but freaking ME. Closest one is 400 miles away. Care to take a pic of the entire room? It's funny how much junk we all try to stuff into our houses/rooms, but the setups we like best are the minimalist ones like yours. Very nice. was the same way here for the longest time. finally got one some what near me..but still an hour away
downloaded a bunch of explosions in the sky live concert music from archive.org....good stuff
nobody has worse handwriting than me. as long as you can read what you wrote, whats it matter, especially in a notebook.
if you're gonna check out sigur ros, along with agaetis byrjun and ( ) try takk... probably my favorite album of theirs, glosoli might be one of the greatest songs ever
Quote: Originally Posted by vcoheda observe and report horrible - 1/10 horrible? wow. observe and report 9/10 much more of a dark comedy, wasnt expecting that. still funny nonetheless
for some reason i started thinking about this a little bit more. i dont know if any of you saw it awhile back, larry king live did a show on ufo stuff. he had a handful of skeptics on as well as bill nye. basically bill nye was real calm and cool about it, and said he knows he wont be able to convince the other guests, but how is it no one with all the technology we have not been able to catch any solid footage of a space craft. this got me to thinking, what about all...
i believe there is other lifeforms in the universe...but that they havent visited here. the one thing i do agree with is that in thinking about other lifeforms, you really have to think outside the box. as others mentioned, you just cant assume they breathe oxygen, heck you cant even assume they look anything like us. I was trying to explain that to a friend awhile back. He kept talking about how life came about on earth with all the right ingredients for it to happen....
Quote: Originally Posted by moogoob Sure, Metallica gets in. I'm still waiting for Rush. /bitter Canuck this is just ridiculous...no idea why rush isnt in yet. INSANE
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