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Quote: Originally Posted by MusicallySilent When i checked officedepot local didn't have any so I may order online :P Officemax and officedepot seem to have a bigger online than store, walmart takes the cake. Yea ive noticed .7 is a bit liquidy and annoying, may order the 72. Online it says delivery only so save yourself a trip Foray Retractable Gel Pens 0 5 mm Fine Point Clear Barrel Assorted Ink Pack Of 72 by Office Depot For shipping to not...
Quote: Originally Posted by ricksome Foray 0.7's are too thick and sloppy. The 0.5's are great! i'm hoping that pack of 72 foray's are still avail at office depot tommorow..prob go pick up a pack
i'm looking for a good set of pens, anyone have any recommendations? just your typical writing pens, nothing fancy. BIC is fine, any favs? i mean theres like rollerballs, grip, super grip and all sorts of stuff...any suggestions? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by MCC At least Wal-Mart won't try to sell me a $140 HDMI cable, a $250 power center, and an expensive "calibration" service like they did when we bought a TV there a few months ago. The guy just wouldn't give up even when I told him I could get a superior Monoprice cable and an Isobar for ~85% less and that I own a decent colorimeter. i feel bad for teens and college aged sales reps who do that at BB. they're told to do...
i think social networking sites really hit on where we are as a society right now. think about all the ratings and how many reality tv shows are watched. for some reason people want to look into the lives of others. a service like twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. allow people to do that. twitter especially, with all the celebrities who are on it, allows people to catch a glimpse of what they are doing right at that moment. it doesnt surprise me that it has taken off.
thanks for the suggestions so far. i guess what i mean when i am a newbie...i mean i am a hardcore newbie..as in only have heard a few songs. i'm not familiar at all with the different recording companies...so i'm not sure what the difference is from his reprise recordings or his capitol recordings and what not. i'm thinking i'll probably start with songs for swingin lovers and in the wee small hours, is that a pretty good bet? thanks for all the feedback so far,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Pure assumption. Back it up. I'm not looking for any number in particular. Find something authoritative. That would be a large regional/national newspaper article, law enforcement study/report or academic journal. If you can't, you're just making things up. did a quick search...i found a study from a professor at melbourne university in australia. not so much about stolen cds being resold to pawn...
So I am interested in getting into Sinatra, but I have no idea where to begin. Anyone have any recommendations?
Quote: Originally Posted by adrift I use Mint.com and like it quite a bit. is it free?
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