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Quote: Originally Posted by jegarn Hi I hope there are some of you, alike me, craves for new music from time to time. My way of finding new music has been magazines, papers and the internet. I must say it's not that easy all the time, this is why I'm starting this thread. If you have found a new artist/album/song or any form of music that you would like to share, this can be the place. I hope this thread won't die, I really do. My recommendations...
Quote: Originally Posted by fraseyboy I don't blog, but I do plog. For some reason the concept of taking pictures of what you eat and starting a blog on it has not caught on. see thats a pretty cool idea. reminds of the person who took a picture of themself each day for like 2 years and posted a slideshow online. i wish i would have thought of doing that
interesting idea/concept, pretty cool. i think blogs that have some sort of purpose like getting out info and such are great tools and can be very well done. i myself dont have one, otherwise i'd just be talking about the boring crap i do throughout my day, which seems to be a lot of peoples blogs. not a big fan of that.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb another one year subscription to Sirius|XM is it worth it? do they have like a home/desktop version radio? i've thought about getting it awhile back but never got around to looking into it
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto really? there aren't any books about the technology behind the original space technology? OH GREAT, more ammo for conspiracy nuts to use. "ohhhhhh there are no books on the original equipment used in the "supposed" moon landing? its all a cover up!"
just got done reading all 18 pgs. WOW. one of the best threads/debates i have ever read since my time at head-fi. i am fascinated by conspiracy theories, prob why it was so enjoyable. glad to see people have been able to keep it civil
i'm not a huge hat collector or anything, but i love new ball caps. these two should last me awhile, just something about new ball caps.
are those bungee cords in your case!?!? damn, my next comp i'm gonna try to build it myself, i think i'll stick with a basic looking setup. then again i dont overclock so i dont need jet engines on the side of my case
Quote: Originally Posted by fraseyboy Well here, they have a free bar thing. 1 in 6 bars gets an instant free one. I've bought seven though and haven't got any... false advertising
Quote: Originally Posted by tattoou2 Imagine what will be in another 100 years! the RIAA still suing people for downloading music?
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