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just finished watching it. good stuff. i'm about to go buy some Erykah Badu, havent heard any of her stuff actually, but she had me rolling in that video. so straight and real with everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by whaleyboy TV On The Radio - "Dear Science" love that album. my favorite of theirs actually
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto thanks a lot guys, I got some awesome news today. My insurance company is going to pay for 5 days off from work, so I don't have to go in until next monday. nice
the jimi hendrix purple haze lyric is prob the most popular misunderstood...the funny thing is before i heard it was misundterstood as "kiss this guy", I heard it for its real lyric, but now i keep thinking its "kiss this guy", would have been better off without hearing about it
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto lol there was nothing else to do! I was just sitting around in your panties for all to see
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto nah they were all ladies, I'm just crazy... although one of them did look like 13 from house, damn. haha niiicccee
Quote: Originally Posted by West726 Posting to head-fi from an ER bed shows serious dedication. thats what i was thinking...quit posting and get better lol
leaving everyone hanging...what happened?
read it got the lowest score ever for a paramount film in a test screening, at least that was a rumor floating around awhile back
did anyone mention: AC/DC-Black in Black- Hells Bells/Rock n Roll Aint Noise Pollution
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