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is it faster than chrome?
Quote: Originally Posted by VicAjax can't really understand why no Zappa mentions yet. any Zappa alum automatically must qualify among the best drummers of all time: I think I did mention how I was on a quest for albums with just drumming awhile back, the only thing I could find was something by Bozzio
a few years ago, i was on a mission to find albums that were just drumming. i honestly couldnt find anything. the best i came up with was a terry bozzio album that looked like it was what i was looking for, though i never did get it. but man, SFTD is seriously a rock album, when i think of straight rock in your face, i think of that album first.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuseboxx didn't sigur ros have an album before that? yea...called "Von"
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRobbStory Naturally. They were all at Good Stuff Eatery on Thursday. The hot one got up to go to the bathroom, so I followed her. The conversation in line went like this: "So, those all your roomates?" "Yeah." "Wow, six of you guys huh?" "Uh huh." "Did you know each other first or is it like a group house thing?" "No, we were all strangers." "Man, you guys must really be poor." At which time a producer walked...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRobbStory Dude, I've been trying! My end goal here is to get in the hot tub. with the girls that are on the show! haha
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRobbStory They're filming the next season of The Real World four houses down from me. MTV has ruined the neighborhood. haha go trash the house they're staying in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia Isn't Silva vacating his belt and changing weight classes? Did you see Cyborg murder Carano? I honestly didn't see any other possible outcome. i heard silva is getting bored with MMA and might leave UFC after his contract is up and go into boxing
Quote: Originally Posted by roadcykler Now if we just knew what that was. Is that a picture you took? The cover of the album that's your favourite? Something else? My vote goes to Van Halen. There's nothing like hearing Eruption for the first time. its the cover of endtroducing by dj shadow
toss up between Appetite for Destruction or Van Halen
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