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is there some techno out there that makes you want to asleep? i mean it doesnt have to put you to sleep, but is that type of chill, i'd love to check some of it out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto wow really? I had a few ideas but I've been going nuts just trying to get coursework done. Since you liked it I'll try to knock a post out this weekend ^^. dont stress, whenever you have time, no rush
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto haha I love that idea are you going to start your blog up again? i enjoyed reading it
gotta imagine you'll make more money than 15 an hour if you keep up and get your degree. i agree with jilgil...whatever your name is i'd confront them about it, trying to get you to drop out, for no other reason than to just drop out? i mean thats what i'm reading, they want you to take a IT job, but they should know you'll make more with a degree. your parents on drugs? (semi-joking)
troll, likes to troll. she/he is a hermaphrodite, as cited numerous times. /thread
i dont think rampage is a good coach. he tends to look at people size em up and expects them to just dominate. like picking kimbo first? i dont think kimbo will be terrible, but he wasnt the cream of the crop either. and the fight he chose was insane, a dude with great ground game vs a dude with no ground defense. when i mean no ground defense, i mean the dude was taken down at will and just got pummeled. rampage was just yelling, "get up" the whole time, which is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto ugh guess what you started I have 2 pens and a bottle of ink on their way to my dorm. haha thats great
Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi 50 chicken McNuggets i did 40 one time back when i was younger and they used to sell em in the huge box of 20. one of the worst life decisions ever, i felt like crap for 3 days after
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto my little spot for this school year are all those note cards filled out? i was never a fan of the note cards, but knew a few people in school who used note cards for numerous things. those things would get out of control all over their desks back at the dorm
Quote: Originally Posted by dissembled And Hotmail still fails to load. Bah. I like Chrome 3.0 better. Many sites that I frequent load properly with it. i didnt realize chrome had been updated. does chrome not inform you of updates? i went to the about google chrome to see what version i had, still had version 2. just d-loaded it again and its on like version 4
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