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Peter bought a GS-1 amp from me, my first time ever selling something online and it couldnt have went smoother. Peter was great with communication, very friendly, i would definitely deal with Peter again, no questions. 
I figure this this the best forum to post this question. I keep reading a lot about FLAC for music, doing some minimal googling I read essentially it means no data is lost from a cd, where as .wav and mp3's do. I know EAC can rip your music into .wav that will then allow you to turn them into FLAC. The question I have is how do you turn them into FLAC, it looks like you need an external encoder? whats the best one to use? any feedback is appreciated
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyjeeper The only monitor I really keep one thing in perpetually is the Dell 1905FP on top of the speaker. Mediamonkey lives there. The other three get stuff shuffled around depending on mood and what I'm doing. I really don't need them, but I do love having loads of space. im glad you mentioned mediamonkey, i decided to check it out and its now my media player
video card need updated drivers? adjust resolution?
i havent bought a madden game since like 2002...was never good at em. i swear its too realistic for me. its so realistic you have to be a QB almost reading zone coverages and such to play it. i like tecmo football, just your standard UP + A works just fine
Quote: Originally Posted by KTVU snip nice! might need to get some of those lights. where did you get the mat/pad that your keyboard and mouse sit on and where did you get the LED barkit at? i also have some z5500's i use for my gaming setup. i think they're decent enough for that
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto I've come to the conclusion that my study habits are bad for trees, this is only two subjects worth of cards and this is only week 3 of the semester R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S
Quote: Originally Posted by koshui Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast haha, awesome thanks
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