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Thanks for the reply. I've never made an amp but I've done a little soldering. When I was young I helped my dad out in the physics department at the university for awhile and built a bunch of laser motion sensors. I had a finished sample which made it possible and they didn't ALL work when I was done but I got some soldering practice. So I'm not good at it but I can do easy stuff as long as there's nothing too tiny to work with. I could probably get pops to lend a...
So yeah, I was browsing headfi last night (like an idiot) and started dreaming of new ways to blow my $ on new stuff. I'm starting to think a hybrid amp would be nice to have. I can keep the sweet bass of my d7000's and have nice sweet highs (right?). I found a website that has Millet maxxed kits for $176 and I'm trying to work up the courage to put one of these things together. Will this amp make my headphones sound better than the Gilmore lite? Thanks!
I paid $550 shipped.
Credit card.
I hear ya, gotta be right for you. And yes the ad2000 does some things better than d7000 it's true. One of the things that bother me about them is the same thing that I love about them at other times. The way they "shout" at you sometimes also adds a certain special something to electric guitar that I miss sometimes. It's a shame there can't be a perfect headphone Maybe sometime in the future they'll have speaker diaphragms that morph in real time like the T1000...
I'm a little surprised. I had some ath-ad2000 which I've read in many places are better than the w5000. My new d7000's are a bit better than the ad2000's in my opinion. Maybe I'm still in the honeymoon phase but the powerful bass is a new thing for me and I'm not sure I could live without it now. The d7000 also seem to keep the sounds separated better and they never scream at me enough to hurt the ears. Everything seems just right. It may be that I just don't know...
I caught the end of an amazingly good sale on some Denon AH-D7000's. They were out of stock when I ordered but they honored the low price until the next shipment came in LONG after the sale was over. They kept their word, I saved a bundle, and I love my new phones. Thumbs up!
My ATH-A900's shipped quick with good packaging and for a decent price back when I ordered them.
I've bought from BJC twice and was satisfied both times. Good stuff for a decent price shipped quick. They helped me on the phone a couple times too. Friendly guy.
Wrong section.
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