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Quote: Originally Posted by bladebarrier I just ordered the 7000. How necessary is an amplifier? I'm going to be using my x-fi xtreme music sound card for processing. If an amp is necessary for these drivers, what should I look for in the under $300 range? I'd sell the xtrememusic for whatever you can get and put it towards a xonar essence stx. I tried the d7000 with the built in amp just for fun and it wasn't too far off from my gilmore...
Never mind I'm broke again oh well.
I went from ath-ad2000's to the ah-d7000. Everyone seems to say that the ath-ad2000 has the best midrange ever (yes they were awesome too) and I don't feel like I'm missing anything with the ah-d7000's. To me the ath-ad2000 had pronounced or peaky aspects where as the ah-d7000 sounds more even and smooth but still has plenty of sharpness for rock\metal etc. To me they just sound appropriate. I don't know where people are getting hollow from. Maybe it's my source\amp?
If you want to feel like crap, listen to "rejoice" by Pedro the lion.
Placebo-Peeping Tom
Gilmore lite. Sounds great but of course I'm still curious about other amps. Considering trying a hybrid.
Used B22 for $1500 in the classifieds by seller with perfect feedback
I came across the millet mini max for sale pre built and supposedly slightly better. But, also more money. Maybe I should factor in the price of screw ups if I make it myself for a more accurate DIY price lol. There's also a used mini for $330 in the classifieds.....hmmmmmmmmm.
How long have you had it? Will you ship to the USA?
By the way, what I'm hoping to achieve with this amp is to improve the sort of slight "walkie talkie" type sound in crappy recordings. You know like...when you turn it up and it starts to lose smoothness because maybe it's mixed too loud or something? I also thought I read that tubes add sound stage which sounds nice too. If I'm off base here just say the word because I may be trying to trick myself into a pointless sidegrade I can't quite afford. The tubes just look...
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