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More often than not I find myself setting my phones down on my mouse pad and leaning against my amp. I bought this stand on a whim and simply don't need it. I barely used it and can find no significant defects that would identify it as used aside from a little dust. This is the older style stand seen in the pic below. Asking $20 plus shipping - non cc paypal Woo audio charges $37 shipped and I know this isn't a stellar deal but it's in fantastic condition so why not...
Quote: Originally Posted by donunus Kings of Leon used to be recorded well but the "only by the night" album is horrible. Very bad sounding. So much clipping and is so low fidelity it hurts! I know man it sucks. People are out there listening to the radio thinking that this is what the band is like. "Because of the times" sounds a lot better and the songs are a hell of a lot better too. It seems like with this last album they became syrupy and...
I think I read that the new ath-a2000x pads would probably fit. They look really nice and should be perfect but I can't promise anything.
The isn't all that much difference unamped that I could notice but it may be a little different if you listened long enough to learn the sound.
I think it's great. I found it noticeably easier to pinpoint direction of sound with the m50 than with my a900's and ad2000's in fps games.
I know it's been months but I just got to listen to these at my moms house when I went over to bring her a gift. They're better than I remember and this is after listening to AH-D7000's for awhile. The ath-m50 has some nice strong fun bass and such great separation with a nice torque to the sound. To this day I haven't heard TOOL sound better on anything. Also really great with hardcore like Ringworm. I miss em'. Definitely awesome phones especially for the $.
I thought the ath-m50 had lots of bass.
Placebo-without you I'm nothing
Never mind.
I can't remember whos post I read that recommended Shpongle but thanks. It's pretty incredible and I'm not really even in to electronic stuff. Ever since I got these d7000 I've been craving bass and texture and it hits the spot.
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