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They sound awesome with the gilmore lite. And don't worry, the bass is not overpowering. There's plenty there when called for but not when it would be inappropriate. To be honest they don't really isolate though.
I too sold him a woo audio stand. All is well!
I agree about the stx amp vs real amp. I switched back yesterday to try it out with my ah-d7000's and it seemed a little sharper from the stx amp. Coming from my gilmore lite they sound smooth and full but not dull. Just right. But, if you have phones that NEED an amp you can't argue the value of a source and amp combined for $200. It's something to use until you can afford a better amp.
here's the specs from here TPA6120A2 Headphone ChannelsStereo Output Power(W)1.5 Load(Min)(ohms)32 Supply(V)10 - 30 Iq per channel(Typ)(mA)11.5 PSRR(dB)75 Operating Temp Range(Celsius)-40 to 85 Pin/Package20SO PowerPAD Samples Inventory Product Information Features * 80 mW into 600 From a ±12-V Supply at 0.00014% THD + N * Current-Feedback Architecture * Greater than 120 dB of Dynamic...
audio technica ath-ad2000 sound awesome with female vocals. not sure what they sell for these days though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jmask5 How are you liking your setup? I currently have the STX and have considering adding some more components. It sounds just about perfect to me. I'm not sure the gilmore lite is necessary but i guess it's a little better than the built in sound card amp. it's also nice to be able to adjust volume without changing software sliders. the card is very nice i must say. it's hard for me to imagine better sound because...
I know what you mean. I haven't really been on this web site at all since I got my current set up.
SOLD! Thank you very much.
pending payment from melomaniac
bump for price drop
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