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Just wondering if there's a person in the world with any equipment that can distinguish 400kbps AAC from lossless.  I'm going for the smallest possible file size that would be impossible to tell a difference even on high end systems.  Is there a killer sound sample out there that would make it obvious so I can test it myself?  So far I can't tell with the stuff I've converted but I need to be sure I won't regret it one day. 
Just checking in.  Mine are still making me happy every day.  No stitches coming loose on the ear pads or any other problems.  Finally sold my gilmore lite when I switched to the built in amp on my essence stx sound card and realized it was just as good if not better.  Don't freak out about amps too much.  Anyhow I still love these phones and want for nothing.
Had them a couple years and they're in good shape.  needed a longer set so they've been replaced.  $25 shipped within the US paypal please.
I bought this in 08 from another member and it has served me well.  However, I need the money more than the amp right now so it has to go.  I's say it's in approximately 7/10 condition give or take.  There aren't any glaring flaws but you can tell it's used.  It's in perfect working order to the best of my knowledge as of yesterday when I last used it.  Asking $200 shipped ground within the US no trades.  Paypal preferred from somebody with good feedback.  My feedback...
Failure - Another space song
How old is it?
How much for just the power supply?
Yep 2 channels is good. Thanks guys.
Ok thanks I just wasn't sure because i thought they put out more power or something which might be more than the inputs on my amp are supposed to take. So the DA10 will work well as a full time sound card as well? This is a big concern for me. I need it to do EVERYTHING since it'll be processing all of my audio including games, music, and movies.
The DA10 is looking really good to me and I may try to pick up a used one if it ever shows up but I'm not totally clear about a few things. There aren't any rca outs on the back to I'll have to use adapters (xlr to rca right?) and apparently I have to open it up to change to unbalanced mode. Is there any loss of quality in going from xlr to rca since it wasn't intended to do this? Do I need a balanced amp to get everything out of the dac? I want to run it out to my...
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