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I was wondering why my ah-d7000's sounded so good from the headphone out of my hk3490 so I emailed HK to ask what kind of amp it has.  The response was....   "Thank you for your inquiry.  For this model, the headphone jack is powered off the main amps, but has a 270 ohm resistor in between the speaker outputs and headphone output. The power amplifier in this model is discrete circuitry and the preamp is op-amp based. Best Regards,   Vu Le Technical Support...
I think it may be a direct x 11 thing because I only got crashes in batman arkham city and max payne 3 both of which I believe had dx11 enabled.  I couldn't think of anything else to replace so I disabled the stx and went to the motherboards onboard and went 5 hours without a crash.  This card also had a problem crashing an old game called FEAR and asus quickly made a new driver to fix it.  I hope they do the same again soon but if not I guess I'll sell the stx and maybe...
I've been to hell and back diagnosing instability in certain games and after lots of rma's and testing I've determined that asus's essence stx drivers crash my games.  They haven't had a new driver in awhile and I'm about to give up on a fix.  I think I just want a couple of jitter free optical outputs with reliable drivers that don't crash anything that I can output to my receiver and one day to a separate dac\amp for my ah-d7000's.  Oh and pcie 1x please.  Thanks all.
One set sold.  One set left.
I used these for a couple weeks but changed up my system a bit with an external high pass filter eliminating the need for cables as long as this.  Only used a couple weeks and very nice cables.  Got them here about a month ago http://www.cablesforless.com/Super-High-Quality-Individual-7-Foot-RCA-Cables-Red-And-White-RCA-To-RCA-P5167C201.aspx for $32 shipped.  Asking only $23 shipped ($9 off and brand new WOW).  Paypal please.
Hmm.  Not sure why I would drop more than $5-$7 on something that's brand new.  Seems fair to me.
One bump then back to where I got em'   EDIT: Oops haha guess they can't be returned because they're custom.  Ok somebody buy these please.
I bought 2 sets of these from cablesforless.com a couple weeks ago but changed my mind on my configuration and don't need them.  Price includes slow usps shipping within the US for ONE set of cables.  I didn't want to make 2 ads.  These are basically what you get from blue jeans cable but they were a better deal where I got them.  I'd rather give someone a deal than lose the difference to restocking fees.  Paypal only...
Not gonna lie, I paid top dollar for cables a few times.  $40 from blue jeans fore some lc-1.  Honestly, I think it was almost worth it just to have good connectors, shielding, and a warranty.  The shielding may or may not do anything but good connectors matter to me.  I used to use 3 3.5mm extensions for my headphones to watch movies at night and it was crackly as hell and would even lose sound in one side a lot.  I had to twist each connection point a bunch of times to...
I always wondered how one piece switched in from a device with 0.001% THD could make an audible difference.  Can people hear 0.0001% THD?  Not saying they can't since I still have everything stock in my stx sound card.
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