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I don't hear any obvious hiss unless I turn the volume up to about -25db which is WAY higher than you should listen with.  I have it at -45 with the computer set to 100% output for the toslink output and it's loud enough.  -30 is more than almost anyone would need..  Past that would be too much IMO but to each his own.  Then again it could just be the 25ohm resistance of my d7000's that let me get that much volume.  But shouldn't low resistance get more hiss?
I hear ya.  It's hard to tell when something is close.  It could all come down to how much earwax I have that day.  And maybe hearing changes a little after each song, needing a little time to recuperate before you can start again with a clean slate.  Too bad you can't cleanse your audio pallet with a piece of ginger like you can with taste.  Of course by the time you've let your ears rest you can't remember exactly how the last song sounded to compare.
So nobody knows of a reasonably priced card with a nice clock, spdif and good drivers??  I think I may have to invent one.  It'll be as cheap as I can get it while having the best sanely priced clock available, coax AND toslink and NOTHING ELSE, and the most simple, compatible drivers possible that will allow every type of output with asio, kernel streaming, etc..  My company will be Brandaudio.  It'll be about 50 bucks.  If it already exists please let me know.
I can tell you that the noise floor seems to be about the same with the hk3490 headphone out and the one on my essence stx.  My ah-d7000's low impedance is the culprit I assume for the low hiss I hear.  Either way it's low enough that I could be mistaking background noise in my room leaking through the cracks between the pads and my head for hiss.  Both outputs sound good to me.  I think the hk3490 may be a little more punchy though.  Not complaining at all.  I think...
Never thought of that.   Interesting....
I have it on the second newest bios.  A new one came out 2 days ago but it won't update.  It keeps saying "file is not an efi bios".  I have to ask asus about it.  The other bios just worked without having to mess with it.  It doesn't say anything about enhanced memory compatibility but it does say improved system stability.  I think it's mainly a fix for gtx 680 video cards.  It's bios 1406 on the asus p8z77-v pro.
Yeah I have the newest drivers.  It looks like I may have a second set of bad ram from gskill.  I already replaced it once and assumed it was fine but tested it again and it won't run stable at rated speed like it did when I bought it a month ago.  Asus might be innocent after all or maybe asus and gskill both suck.  I'm corresponding with gskill atm.
I'll give it a shot but the description didn't say anything about direct x stability or compatibility fixes in the driver.
I don't know if it sounds better but the stx drivers are causing stability problems with my pc and asus hasn't made a new one in a year which makes me wonder if they even plan on supporting it anymore.  If they're not then I can't really use it and may as well get some money for it before it gets too old, especially if the receiver can do the same thing just as well or close enough that I can't tell.  
Well, it's nice to know that I'm good to go with any phones I buy no matter how hungry they are.  This thing is a bargain for $300.  Plenty of juice for my speakers AND phones and no need for another dac as far as I can tell.  Admittedly I haven't heard a newer external dedicated DAC but I don't FEEL like I'm missing anything.  I think they make anything new these days to be basically transparent though, from what I understand.  Also, would I be right in assuming that...
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