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I'm getting the urge to try an onkyo, maybe a used 2 channel one, the one with 80w x2 whatever it's called.  I just can't get over the fact that the idea of receivers with almost no distortion sounding different spits in the face of science.  I'm so curious that I may actually spend the money to try one but it shouldn't make a difference.  Unless there are really loose standards for establishing the thd of a unit and the makers are fudging the numbers or something.  Is...
Can someone tell me how there can be a difference in sound between receivers with .07% thd?
Well hell, if this sounds good to me I guess I should try an onkyo.  I'll be blown away.  
There's nothing wrong with having a certain taste.  You like what you like.  Just for fun maybe try outputting at 44.1hz so there's no resampling.
Beats me dude.  Mine sounds great to me but I've only had one receiver before this so maybe I haven't heard enough equipment to know the difference.  As far as headphone hiss, mine has no more than anything else I've tried.  I don't use dolby headphone so I can't comment on that.  Maybe try making sure that you don't have any of the cheesy effects on and run an optical cable straight to the back of the unite with your pc sound at 100% and make sure windows is outputting...
I found another thread about this.  Maybe you got this guys return?
I always plugged straight into the card.  It was easy to tell it was hissing because if I put the phones on before booting up I heard nothing until I heard the stx make that click that signaled that it had turned on.  As soon as the card clicks on I can hear some low background hiss but it's no worse than the hk3490 or gilmore lite.  Could my surge protector have something to do with it?  Not sure why it would but I don't know what else is different between our setups...
That's really weird because I don't hear any more hiss than i did with the stx amp or the gilmore lite I used to own and this is at a higher volume.
What do you make of the dac specs?  Some of it is jibber jabber to me but I like the sound of high jitter tolerance.  
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