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Well shucks.  I just realized it's the same amp as the xonar essence stx I used to own that sounded fantastic!  Never mind!
I've been talking with harman kardon about their hk 990 integrated amplifier to make sure the headphone out will be an upgrade from the one in my hk 3490 and they told me it uses the TPA6120A2.  I looked up the specs on google and it looks really high end but I saw some posts about it not being that great with low impedance cans like my ah-d7000's.  They tell me that it will still sound much better than the hk 3490 but there's no way to try it out since the hk 990 is...
Call J& and try to talk a salesman into giving you some denon ah-d7000 phones for $550.  Spend the rest on an audio gd compass or something like that.  
Maybe that's what I'm hearing when it sounds more punchy and sharp to me.  I'm thinking about finally getting an external dac like a gungnir or whatever the hot $HeeT is at the moment and I'll give impressions if I do.  
As far as I know eq should be flat with the bass and treble at 12 o clock.  Do you have a way for me to test mids?  I'm no expert and have no idea what you mean.  Listening to my d7000's and my ascend sierra 1 speakers everything sounds perfect to me.  Is there a test track that would make it easy to tell?  Every time I've had doubts about my equipment I listen to something else that was mastered differently and realize it just sounds how it really sounds.  
Included is the Stx card, original box, accessories, and a free pair of 7 ft Belden rg59 cables with Canare connectors to sweeten the deal.  Thanks for looking!  Paypal preferred.
I haven't tried to play anything at that high of a bitrate.  Just .flac and aac at 44.1hz.
I'm sorry if I missed something obvious but I've tried asio4all and wasapi with foobar 2000 with the appropriate plugins and I still fail the dts test getting nothing but a hiss from my speakers with dts sample files.  When using wasapi music sounds fine and works great but it's bugging me that it's not bit perfect.  What's confusing is that with wasapi the windows volume slider does nothing which makes me think it's working.  The foobar2000 volume slider does work...
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