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I attended the event on the Saturday specifically for the headphones on demo, and boy they had just about every pair of in production headphones that i wanted to listen to.  These guys had an amazing setup   amps were fed the same signal an Oppo player (Sorry i don't know which one) which made it easier to compare different setups. Everyone was so friendly and helpful i think i spent more time in conversation than actually listening to...
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I had the above setup a while ago and it was EXCELLENT!!   $1050 INCLUDING pay/pal and local shipping!! i would say this IS the DEAL of the day.      Best of luck with the sale.
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 sold to PTom       Thank you to everyone expressing an interest in these. I am sorry if i did not manage to e-mail everyone a reply, as you can imagine there has been a lot of interest in these.    Should the sale fall through then the next on the list will be offered them.   Many thanks.
SOLD---SOLD   my T1's. I am the second owner and have owned them for approx 18 months. They are in perfect working order and cosmetically very good apart from there being a small rip in one of the velor pads which is approx 15mm long (see picture).     £360....including royal mail/ parcel-force insured delivery.
Of course i did. I guess sound quality is a very personal thing. I have used the dx50 with ALL my headphones both amped and un-amped and find the hm601 to just sound much nicer. Wether this is because it uses a NOS dac i dont really know. What i did find the dx50 to have is lots of power to drive any headphone i plugged into it.    When i first got my Sansa Fuze i thought it sounded pretty average, however as soon as i installed Rockbox it changed into a much nicer player....
I think you have hit the nail on the head. The nicest sound i have experienced (dac wise) is from the metrum acoustics octave. I have listened to quite a few and owned a few different dac's and the octave to my ears is my preference. Still i want to give the dx50 a chance, i shall hold onto it and wait for a couple more firmware revisions. As some folk have mentioned in this thread that the sound has actually changed from one firmware revision to the next. Perhaps the next...
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