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Thank you arnaud. What an interesting read, i am glad to hear that STAX are doing well. An amp from them that will do the SR-009 justice is an exciting prospect.
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Thank you for the fine review mark2410, it was both enjoyable to read and informative. Looking forward to receiving my HM-802 even more now. After 2+ years of almost daily use/abuse my HM-601 finally stopped working i figured the HM-802 might give me some of the magic the HM-601 gave me perhaps even a little bit more.
Sorry for the Brain-Fail. Just noticed my signature. Yeah they sounded pretty good though to be honest the Woo-Wee was always going to be a limiting factor. I have since moved on to powering them from a KGSSHV, a Huge improvement in my opinion.
ß22 balanced?   sorry for double post.
Do you mean the 
Thank you for those lovely photo's arnaud. The care and attention that goes into every amp is amazing a thing of beauty in my opinion. As beautiful the BHSE is on the outside (and i have yet to see photo that truly captures this) in a way i actually find the innards even more stunning. Components are all placed with such precision and all joints soldered properly. The attention to detail is STAGGERING!  There are probably more than a  few companies out there that could...
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I attended the event on the Saturday specifically for the headphones on demo, and boy they had just about every pair of in production headphones that i wanted to listen to.  These guys had an amazing setup   amps were fed the same signal an Oppo player (Sorry i don't know which one) which made it easier to compare different setups. Everyone was so friendly and helpful i think i spent more time in conversation than actually listening to...
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