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Thanks. It seems to me that you're saying the HD800s would sound as bad as the PXC450s which I absolutely hate and no longer use. Hell I listened to them for about a week and tried so much to like them, but I went back to my Audio Technicas very quickly. I will stay away from them then. I really liked them because they look very cool to me.   I used to dislike the AKGs as well, but over time I've learned to like them a bit better than the HD650 even. The Polk Audio...
hi all,   I'm still very much a newbie when it comes to picking a good pair of headphones and an amp. I listen mostly to classical, opera, R&B, jazz and pop.   I'm also on the bus everyday for at least 2 hours a day so finding a great pair of NR headphones with great sound is still an unending quest for me.   I really need help with picking a good pair of full sized headphones would get me for the best bang for the buck with a budget of $1500 -$2000.   I'm hoping...
I'm still very much a newbie as to what I should get. I'm hoping that someone can pointer me towards the right direction.   Below are the headphones I own.   Sennheiser HD650 <- This is my first pair of good headphones. I use this mostly to listen to music on my iMac. Sennheiser PXC450 <- I absolutely hate the sound on this one. It sounds thin and flat. AKG K702 <- this one is fantastic for watching TV. Wonderful bass especially when explosions happen. Polk Audio...
Does anyone know how these sound compared to true audiophile level phones like the Sennheiser HD650 and the AKG K702? Or do they sound closer to the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7/3 Noise Reduction phones? 
Arrgh! Missed it again. Please keep in informed about the next Seattle meet.   Thanks. AW  
If your computer already has SPD/IF output, is it still necessary to get the USB option with the BiFrost? I'm planning to purchase the Lyr and the BiFrost to drive the AKG 702.   I am currently using the Yamaha RX-V3800 receiver to drive the AKG702. How different would the AKG 702 sound when driven with the Lyr and the BiFrost?
How does the Schiit Lyr compare to the Burson HA-160D when used with the K702?
I too have been shopping around for a headphone amp to drive the K702s I own, I listened to them for a bit after burning them in and decided I didn't like them as they sounded rather thin when compared to my Sennheiser HD650. My first thought was that I needed a better amp. I've been shopping around for months and am currently looking at the Burson HD HA-160D, but I'm still undecided because like you I'm worried that it won't sound any better than my present...
Just received the AKG K702 a few weeks ago and I've done my best to burn them in over 10 days of constant music, unfortunately, I still find that they sound thin a little dead compared to the Sennheiser HD650. They also seem to need a lot more power to drive them. It seems like I will need to get a portable amp for it. Am I right that the AKG will need an amp to sound their best?
When is the next meet? I don't have transportation, I hope we'll be able to meet somewhere downtown next time where it's easy to get public transportation.
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