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Hi I just got this and he thing clamps my head real bad... I hear theres some kinda headband mod or something I could do? Anything else to help comfort? I like to use it for long periods or time at a time.. Also a question: does listening with the grados while you sleep hurt your ear?
hmm.. how much do does amps cost? Am I really not getting anywhere close to what I could be getting without an amp? Should I just return it and get the grados sr60? I just ordered tehse from headroom.
Well after ordering the beyer 250 and waiting 3 weeks to not get them, I canceled and ordered teh senn 495 because I prefer the warmer sounds... and many have said it was more comfortable then grados.. Boy does my ear itch wearing these things.. does this get better? I thought it would go around my ears but it's just this flat pad... am I gonna get used to the itch or what? and it's true about the amp... these things dont' nearly get loud enough on my SB live......
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