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It is indeed 220V only.  When plugged into 110V nothing happens.   I have been Using a step-up transformer.  Since those power supplies that have the little switch in them aren't 2 completely different power supplies I figured a power supply could be re-done for 110V   Seems like a waste to have a step-up add all that voltage just to have the power supply take it all back out.
What would be involved in making this happen?  I have an amp that has 220V input, but since I don't live in europe it's somewhat annoying.   I'm not asking for step by step obviously since I don't have any specifics on the output of the power supply or anything, just a general would would need to be replace in order for this to work.
Yeah, you should not be able to hear anything if its not on.   As far as sound quality goes, I really don't notice my cmoy to make any difference other than being able to turn the volume up much higher than my Zune is capable of doing.   If you have to sit for days or hours on end trying to hear the slightest difference, then what the hell is the point.
I have a pair of PX 200's that my dog ate.  They are fine other than torn up pads, and I had to cut out chewed up arts of the cable leaving me with delicate soldered connections.   I wondering if there is anything fun I can do with the drivers though, other than buying new parts and fixing up the headphones.   I have a pair of HD 201's that I got for free, and I thought it might be cool to put the driver in there, but I find them incredibly uncomfortable so I...
no help?
So I finally decided to open up my cans to see if there was any hairs on the driver causing rattle.  I've had these sitting aside for well over a year now because I was afraid to crack them open all the way.   When I got them open, I actually did find many hairs clinging to the sticky driver material, but what I also found sticking though was red voice coil wire!     Anyone know what could have caused this?  Is there supposed to be a wire?  What can I do to...
I'm selling my Zero headphone amp.   This is one of the older versions from a few years ago.  I'm not sure what this is worth now and haven't listed a price, just looking to so whats offered.   When I originally ordered it, it took well over a month to arrive, and when it did it was a 220V version.  I didn't really feel like going though the hassle of returning it, so  I purchased a step-up/down transformer to use along with the amp and it worked fine.  Needles...
So would you suggest trying to re-cable the jack, or jjust save up and send it in and be safe about it?
I didn't see any hairs in there. From my understanding the white tissue like paper isn't the actual driver, and I don't see how hair could really get through that. As cor the cable, the jack its solid, it cant be opened or anything, so I dont see how the joint would loose connectivity inside there. It has to just be that the driver is screwed up, which sucks, because from the repair form I looked at it seems like it would be at least $85 to have it repaired, which just...
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