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Hey Craig, Sent Mike 2 emails previously, but I just sent one more. I mailed back 3 cables in June, 1 for repair, and 2 because they came with IE8 plugs instead of UE... So that's about how long I haven't had use of my customs :(   Do you have any news about them?   Thanks!
I guess the backlog is slowing things down - when would be a good time to check if I can get my cable pins replaced and also get a new cable? Haven't been able to get a definite response.
Hey Craig, did my email go missing too? Something is eating them!
mistertom: When I'd shipped my freqs over for a remould they came back telling me I needed to pay USD$80 more for replacements of my minds which were spoilt (very weird)... had to pay anyway in the end. =\ Hope your repairs cost less!
ups again! Looking for a good offer.
Hi, would like to pull out of the pre-order, realised I don't need such a slim solution. Apologies for any problems caused.
Feb up!
will take offers...
Wow I'm quite bummed - the headsix deserved a lot more! Looking forward to the jubilee
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