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Prices dropped again.
Price drops
I'll sell this for £480 without the Dignis case, as I've a possible buyer for it.
I am selling my Sony ZX2 (Japanese Version), which is in very good condition, coming with a Dignis case and a silicone case as well as everything in the picture. I am after £500 by Paypal Goods and Special Delivery to the UK, PM me for an overseas postage quote.
I am selling both Rhapsodio's that I own, the Galaxy and Solar.   The Galaxy is in very good condition and comes with the RSD Sg 2.98 quad-braided silver-gold cable and everything in the picture.  I am after £800 by Paypal Goods, delivered by Special Delivery to the UK and overseas will be more expensive, so please PM me for a quote.   The Solar is also in very good condition and comes with a 3.5 TRRS cable for the Sony ZX2 and an unopened Dark Knight cable and...
I am looking to try the Plenue S, to compare it to my Plenue 1, which I love.   I can also do a trade for either my Sony ZX2, Rhapsodio Galaxy IEM, or Rhapsodio Solar IEM (2 pin 3.5mm TRRS cable, with Dark Knight on the way), cash from my end if needed.   I'd prefer to go with an EU trade/sale, for customs reasons.
Got my Rose 3 the other day and it's a superb atty, very easy to build, more open airflow than the V2 and it's bringing out some great flavour as well, expensive, but great.
Price drop.
Well I didn't see that coming, great goal as well.
They fit excellently and sound fantastic, but they haven't been used that much and I have too many already and need the funds to finance another purchase.   They're in excellent condition.   The price includes fully insured and tracked Special Delivery, or tracked and insured for overseas delivery, PM me for a quote please.   A real, real long shot, but I would be interested in a trade for the 64 Ears Adel U12 or Earsonics S-EM9, with cash my end.
New Posts  All Forums: