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I would have loved to get the P1 or M, but my funds aren't up to that at the moment mate.
Cheers mate, just ordered one.
Sorry mate, I mean are there any brands that work well and one's to avoid, as I don't want to get incompatible cards.
I picked up a DX90 from the Classifieds and as the SM64's are a bit on the warmer side, I think I made the right decision, cheers mate. To save me spending days trawling through the thread, could somebody please let me know which 64gb SDHC Micro SD cards work well with this?Cheers.
Good call mate, just bought the DX90 for a bargain price in the Classifieds.
 Thanks for the reply mate.I've just acquired a set of Earsonics SM64's and I'm not sure whether to get the iBasso or Fiio X5.
I'm upgrading my DAP from the Cowon J3 and need to know if people think that this player would be a decent improvement over the Cowon, with regards the audio quality. I know the UI, size and battery life will not be as good, but would the audio quality be a big enough improvment, for me to ignore the drawbacks? Cheers.
I've been looking at the Fiio X5, Astell & Kern AK Jr and iBasso DX90, would any of these fit the bill?
I've just got some new Earsonics SM64's, which I will be using with my Cowon J3 for now, but want to know whether the Fiio X5 V2 would be a decent upgrade to the Cowon, with regards the sound quality?   I know the UI and battery life would be worse, but I've been out of the market for a few years and would appreciate some advice. Cheers
I've been happy enough with my Cowon J3 and Earsonics SM3's for a few years, but the earphones died on me, so I've now got some Earsonics SM64's, so thought that I might as well upgrade the J3 as well.   I want something with a similar sound signature, size, battery life and at least as good in the sound department, but preferably better.   I've been out of the loop for quite a while, so would appreciate any help and I don't want to go over £300. Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: