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I really love the Orange Star tips, a perfect fit for me.  I just wish they were readily available in the UK.
I have the Combi Star Pack and only want the Orange Stars, so the rest are available, preferably within the UK.
The packaging was removed, but still no way they can justify the $27.70 shipping charge for standard delivery.  I've sent a full set of boxed earphones, fully insured, across the pond for cheaper than that.   Well worth trying though mate and they'll last a lot longer than the Comply's, plus they sound far better with my SM3's as well.
I've just received my Star Tips Combo Pack and the Orange one's fit perfectly for me, so if anyone in the UK wants to swap their Orange for any of the others, just let me know.   I got mine from ebay from Marcopolo, they were under a tenner delivered and turned up in under a week from Canada, well impressed.  How Westone charge so much for shipping is beyond me???
Thanks mate, I may give them a shot.
I developed a fault with one of the filters in my SM3 v1's a while back and have been happy enough with the unfiltered sound since then, but I would like to do a comparison with the filters in, but Earsonics don't sell them, only replacing them if I pay for a repair, which would be far too expensive really, so I'm hoping someone who doesn't want theirs to let me have them. Cheers,  Big Kev
I have been using my SM3 v1's for over 2 years now and still love them, but I did encounter a problem where one of my earpieces was slightly recessed and I found out that one of the filters was faulty.   I emailed ES and was told that I would have too send them in for repair, as they don't sell replacement filters on their own, but as this would cost me around £60 including postage, I just decided to keep them unfiltered.   The problem is that I want to compare...
I have the Rinke case on mine and it does the job perfectly mate.
When I originally bought the SM3's, the bi-flanges fitted perfectly well, but when they released the larger bored version, I bought some of those, due to the superior audio qualities.   Unfortunately, when I tried them on, the larger bore went all the way down and as a consequence, they stayed in the ear canal when I took them off.   Have they now fixed this problem, as I'd really like to give them another go? Cheers.
Don't expect your SDHC card troubles to be remedied for the HM-601 though.
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