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Already sold mate. 
Cheers for that mate, I'll definitely have to try some out now.
Thanks for the reply. From what I have read, I wouldn't say the Angie is a mid-tier personally, but on a par with the K10U. I'll try some soon, hopefully.
I'm thinking of getting some 10U's, but would like to know how they compare in size and signature to the Angie's, if anyone has tried both? Cheers
I bought these from Amazon in February and they're in excellent condition, with everything that came with it, including the original cable.  These are £898 on Amazon.   I'm going to be getting some more monitors to try out, in my quest for my ideal set up, hence the sale.     I'm after £600 by Paypal Goods, delivered by RM Special Delivery and if you want these shipping abroad, PM me for shipping quotes.   I would consider a trade for some Noble K10U's.
I want to try either the Noble 10U (aluminium) or universal Rhapsodio Solars.   As I'm in the UK, I'd prefer an EU seller, due to import duties, the phones must be in excellent condition and any any price quoted to me must include shipping and Paypal Goods.   I can do a trade with my A&K Angies or Questyle QP1R, both of which are in excellent condition and cash can be added.   Got some Solars, so just after the Nobles now.
I agree, I've had some useless stuff, but if you look at the reviews, you can normally pick up some good quality bargains, but it can be a bit of a gamble. I've also picked up a second hand KFL V2 for £35, which was as good as new, so that's definitely a good option as well.
Those EHpro Kayfuns may be good, but the price of shipping to Australia would make these quite expensive really and I've had a couple of great FT Kayfuns.
It's very easy to grab onto vaping when you give up the cigs and I've spent over £100 on an atty a few times, £1000's on juice and currently have over 10 mods, 10 drippers and over 20 tanks, this hobby can become expensive. As for juice, DIY keeps the cost way down and is extremely simple to do. I'm sure you'll love the Mini Nautilus mate, it's a great tank.
I'll be honest mate, if I were you, I'd pick up a "non authentic" (not sure if clone talk is allowed), Kayfun Lite from Fasttech for about $15, to try it out first, then if you like it, get the authentic.  I did that and there wasn't that much difference in quality between the two and the vape was the same, plus you could pick up a clone Magma at the same time. You could also try to pick a used authentic from various forum sites out there, I've bought many second hand...
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