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It took about a week for an answer to my email, so I guess he is pretty busy mate.
A long shot, I know, but does anyone have a pair of M15 Apex modules that they're not using, because I'd love to give them a go?  Cheers.
That's one thing I'm not short of, I have about ten spare Garry Dibley drip tips, so no problem there mate. Nice building by the way, neater than my efforts.  I tend to go with Claptons at the moment, normally coming out at about 0.25 ohms, I hope that's not too low.  It only cost me about £13, so it's not a big deal if I don't get on with it.
I finally got my hands on a Twisted Messes 2, the polished gold version, so it's a fingerprint magnet.  It does perform though, with a couple of Staple Fused Claptons in there, plenty of airflow and good flavour.   I also got the Doode RDA by Squidoode and this is a right royal pain to set up, using the "collet" system.  You have to make sure your two coils fit the right collet, otherwise there will be issues.  Once you start tightening down the coils, they can start to...
I'll try to explain for you. I have a £1000+ DAP from the Classified's on it's way to me and obviously, I want to make sure that it's working properly, so need a balanced cable to ensure I can use that option with the DAP.
Personally, I've had loved nothing more than to get a British-made Toxic cable, but I have a £1000+ DAP on the way and want to make sure it's working perfectly, so had no choice, other than to go over the pond, which is a pity for me, as I've heard such good things.
I've have to give them a miss then, cheers. I couldn't sell the ZX2 for £500, people were offering stupid money and as I really like the DAP anyway, I decided to keep it.
Being in the UK and on the look out for a balanced cable for my Zeus-R CIEM and ZX2 combo, how long on average do they take to complete the cables, because there is no way that I'm prepared to wait the 8 - 12 weeks they are currently quoting, as I could have opted for the WM1A by then?   Cheers.   Kev
Do not get a Tab, they're useless when you whack a couple of Claptons in a tank/dripper, as the one battery means you can't get enough power to fire up your coils, just stick to using a mod.  My 521 tab isn't being used anymore.
He's been a true legend in the sport and will be missed alright, although I think the UFC will employ him in some capacity, they'd be stupid not to.   As for the fight, apart from 2 big punches, some G&P and a 3 minute break to get his breath back, Bisping deserved the win, throwing far more kicks and punches and being the far busier fighter, well done Mike, nice job.   His face may take a while to return to normal though.
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