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Yep, that's what I thought, just checking, cheers mate. I'll think about the cable as well Sound Eq.
Just got my Plenue S in a great trade in the Classifieds, but need to know if any 3.5mm TRRS cable would work in balanced mode, as my Silver Dragon V1's (Hifiman/ZX2) keep cutting out and I'm not sure if it's a faulty cable or incompatibility issues?   Sorry if it's a dopey question, but I'm stuck at the moment.
PM sent
Got a Plenue S, so just an uncapped ZX2 needed now. 
PM sent.
Hardwired To Self Destruct, opinions everyone? I quite like the album, after one listen, but too many slow moments for me, I prefer the Ride The Lightning style myself, but I'll have to give it another couple of listens, before making my mind up.
Down to £420 delivered.
Amazon are pretty good like that, so there shouldn't be any problems with returning it.I'd be interested to hear how loud others have theirs at.
I can't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to drive them mate. To me, I could hear the traffic at 75 and the sound was lacking, so had to whack it up to 100 to cut out the traffic and give the sound more body. I find the sound, right out of the box, rather lacking, when compared to my old ZX2 and I'm returning mine as well. The UI though, is a major improvement for me.
Well I tried the WM1A with my 64 Audio U12's today, with 24 bit FLAC and DSD and had to have the volume at 100 to cut out the traffic noise and the volume cap has knocked it down to 75 a couple of times.    I've had to have the volume at 100 with my Zeus CIEM and Noble K10U's as well, when out and about. 
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