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Got my Rose 3 the other day and it's a superb atty, very easy to build, more open airflow than the V2 and it's bringing out some great flavour as well, expensive, but great.
Price drop.
Well I didn't see that coming, great goal as well.
They fit excellently and sound fantastic, but they haven't been used that much and I have too many already and need the funds to finance another purchase.   They're in excellent condition.   The price includes fully insured and tracked Special Delivery, or tracked and insured for overseas delivery, PM me for a quote please.   A real, real long shot, but I would be interested in a trade for the 64 Ears Adel U12 or Earsonics S-EM9, with cash my end.
Hello Sammy, any news on when the Wind Tips will be available and will you be able to buy the large sizes separately?
I went to Silverstone yesterday, for FP1/2 and had a great time, £40 entry is very good value, considering you can sit in any stand you want, plus there weren't too may people there, so no major queuing issues.   The only problem for me was that my Samsung 5 wasn't good enough, as there is a slight delay after pressing the button and the shutter speed isn't quick enough, so all of the video/photo's that I took were pretty feeble, especially compared to my mates iPhone 6,...
Just read that and what the hell is Jones playing at, Dana must be mad as hell.   Still a fantastic card though.
Anyone else tried the Crown 2 yet, as I got mine today and the flavour is rather lacking on my 0.5 coil at 70w, a bit of a letdown so far, although I think it's the coils that are causing the issues, from what I've read from reviews.
I just hope Lewis can actually start his goddam car quickly tomorrow, hit turn 1 ahead and steam off.   Looking forward to going to Silverstone on Friday as well, although it'll probably chuck it down all day.
Oh well, the Germans it is then.
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