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Price drop!
I've owned this for about 2 years, and it's been a wonderful little firewire audio device. I'm selling it both because I need the cash, and because I'd like to eventually have a device I can use with my netbook (which only has USB ports). Comes in the original box with all accessories (wall wart, breakout cable, 6pin-6pin and 6-pin-4-pin FW cables, driver disk, quick start guide). Has some light scratches from cleaning on the front faceplate and a tiny nick on the left...
Card and breakout cable only. Spent most of its life in an anti-static bag after I purchased an external firewire interface. $70 shipped within the CONUS.
This is an older amp - not sure how many people on the forums are familiar with it anymore. I've had it for... years, since 2005 I believe. It's still working like a champ, though the led on the amp box is dim and the one on the power supply is completely shot. I don't have much frame of reference on the sound anymore but I've used plenty of cans with this amp (most recently the K271 and DT880) and never had any complaints about musicality or ability to drive any of...
I don't imagine most people would suggest going straight to the top especially considering most of us, myself included, aren't even at the "top". The top is effing expensive. But I think we've all arrived at this hobby because we enjoy messing around with our set-up and trying different sounds and different combinations of equipment. The process is important. Having a basis for comparison is necessary as well, if only to appreciate what you have.
After vanishing from this place for a few years, and being relatively content with my current setup, I seem to be making small steps back into the headphone world. First it was re-acquiring my DT880s I sold ages ago. Now I'm wondering if there's a better way to drive them and my K271s.   I've been using the Gilmore V1 (two-box version with a stepped attenuator) for long enough that I don't really have anything else to compare it to. It works wonderfully with the both...
Quote: Originally Posted by swt61 Is anyone else having trouble viewing the last few posts? It's like they were never there for me except I can see the names of the last poster. Yeah, you're not alone.
OK, what's wrong with the forums? Seriously...
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