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True, but just think. A year or two from now, the 512 GB cards will be getting close to the price of the 256 GB cards to make way for (and I feel old just saying this--I can still remember floppies and 8 MB MMC cards)... 1 TB SD cards! EDIT: Another bit of some food for thought. Even if someone was willing enough to buy a 512 GB card for their Echobox, it would still be a much better value than, if you go by the countless frequency response tests and reviews, the HiFiMAN...
^This. There are already 256 GB SD cards on the market and they cost the same as or less than the still very much new 128 GB Micro SD cards--all the while 512 GB SD cards are just on the horizon hit the market this last holiday season, a mobile audiophile's dream!
Maybe Sennheiser will eventually remove the silly MAP they instituted, especially since these deals are happening almost every week or two. Back in the day, this was normal, everyday pricing and Head-Fi'ers wouldn't be getting all geeked up about it.
I've did a little more reading and research--the official information seems to be scattered all over the place at the moment. Per my understanding, in other words, it can only be a USB host device (devices can be plugged into it and it can control them) and it cannot be used as a USB slave device (it cannot be plugged into other devices and be controlled by them), at least as a USB DAC unless we hear otherwise. It would be very innovative if they found a way to do this.
OK. So, it's full-featured Android, and the original post also mentions support for practically all streaming services, presumably through the official apps that are already available. But what app service, if any, does it come with in its stock configuration. Google Play? Amazon App Store? Please reply. Thank you!
Just to reconfirm, this is full Android, not the severely watered down, walled garden kind that iBasso uses?
So this is really the only active COP thread? It looks like this is a better place than any to ask:   Has anyone tried the COP+ at CES and can offer their opinion on the headphone? I am not really in the market for these but I am just curious because friends sometimes ask me for headphone advice.
Did anyone at CES get a chance to try the Custom One Pro Plus? Is it just a cable change so it includes a microphone or are there some improvements in the sound as well?
On that note, the refurbished Beats Solo HD is for sale for $89.97 plus $5 shipping at Yugster, some $35 cheaper than Amazon's all-time lowest price. There is about 5 hours remaining on the deal.   I promise. I won't judge. :)
And as for the RS220, will it be getting a refresh soon so it really offer sound quality comparable to the HD600? The current model isn't even as good as the HD558, let alone the HD600 or HD650. I still remember this claim that Sennheiser made and failed to deliver on: "If today's high definition A/V components are a high-performance exotic sports car, the RS 220 is the driver. [Oh, rly?] "Audiophiles have long asked when the audio quality of the legendary HD 600 series...
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