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There were initially black, and then later on white screen HD 600 and HD 650 drivers. This picture just shows mainly the evolution of the HD 600, but practically the same occurred for the HD 650. The evolution is so huge, in fact, that, to my ears, the black screen HD 600 sounds darker than the latest HD 650.  Here are the two different graphs of the HD 650. Many people, such as Mike at Headfonia, found the early HD 650, too muddy and dark, and I concur. The first graph's...
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Not a rumor in the least, because I have aurally confirmed this and Purrin has some graphs showing the lower treble valley removed from the latest HD 650.  I would not be surprised and I would wager from my own experience that the HD 700 also has received some tuning since its 2012 release as well. To me, the latest is still bright, but not peaky, more along the lines of the HD 800, with the added fun factor of more bass impact as well. By comparison, I can clearly hear...
That was no mere attractive model. That was Amy Lee, lead singer for Evanescence.  
No closed or sealed characteristic is listed. Compare the last few lines of the General Features section and the entire Product Specifications section. They are exactly the same: [[SPOILER]]
Fine-alley. Sum-won hoo new-O's mii.Also, here's a special order product for the deal thread. Cause, gotta go fast and you're too slow.(It was sold for some time on Etsy. For reals.)
Pepperidge Farm remembers
As in me or Sonic Electronix? I get called Sonic here sometimes, thanks to the profile name and pic. ;)
the spacetime continuum  
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