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That was no mere attractive model. That was Amy Lee, lead singer for Evanescence.  
No closed or sealed characteristic is listed. Compare the last few lines of the General Features section and the entire Product Specifications section. They are exactly the same: [[SPOILER]]
Fine-alley. Sum-won hoo new-O's mii.Also, here's a special order product for the deal thread. Cause, gotta go fast and you're too slow.(It was sold for some time on Etsy. For reals.)
Pepperidge Farm remembers
As in me or Sonic Electronix? I get called Sonic here sometimes, thanks to the profile name and pic. ;)
the spacetime continuum  
[[SPOILER]] An incredible deal if you have the cash and you simply cannot settle for less than the best! [[SPOILER]] A retro audiophile brand and an all-time favorite among the rockers! [[SPOILER]] An IEM with features and metrics fit for a king with a price tag to match. 
and googol Orpheuses
 Yes, the EX1/TITAN 1 is essentially comparable to semi-open headphone, slightly better than the DT 880 in partitioning the sound inside and out. Your co-workers will hear what you are listening to and you will hear your surroundings. I highly recommend the DN-2000J as well. My ears are just outrageously small in comparison to most people so they don't work so well for me. If they did, I know from testing them--holding ear tips in place awkwardly--that they would be just...
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