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Cream and Cheese  
the Eggman Empire  
Uberclocked was, I believe, referring to the controversial treble spikes in the HD 700, the spikes Purrin and Co. made positively sure all of us were informed would make us nauseous and kill us... not. XD Which of the two has better detail and excitement: the HD 700 or the X2? 
Well, the T90 is my limit/way too bright, but I can take the DT 990 in all its forms. FWIW, I already had a chance to demo the HD 700 and liked it. So I guess that means I could go either way potentially, huh? :)
How do the HD 700's compare with the Fidelio X2's? I am considering both of these headphones but I have only enough money for one of the two. I like detail and excitement. Which does better in this regard?
When I saw the new Orpheus 2 video, I couldn't help but think of this video. Whatcha all think? It's over 9000! :D
in ultra-epic-slow motion
in a tutu
atop Mount Everest
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