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Well, the T90 is my limit/way too bright, but I can take the DT 990 in all its forms. FWIW, I already had a chance to demo the HD 700 and liked it. So I guess that means I could go either way potentially, huh? :)
How do the HD 700's compare with the Fidelio X2's? I am considering both of these headphones but I have only enough money for one of the two. I like detail and excitement. Which does better in this regard?
When I saw the new Orpheus 2 video, I couldn't help but think of this video. Whatcha all think? It's over 9000! :D
in ultra-epic-slow motion
in a tutu
atop Mount Everest
I believe in try before you buy, but the only Denon D5000 on Amazon that is shipped by Amazon and therefore requires the seller to follow their return policy costs $998.99, almost double the cost of the others. I hear the Denon D5000 has a great fun factor without sacrificing midrange detail and presence like the DT 990 does. Graphically, it responds like this, which is quite neutral with just a slight U-shaped sound, and this is according to Reviewed.com whose graphs I...
and yet gentle
Before I make the plunge, I am considering one final alternative headphone in this price range, the discontinued Denon AH-D5000. I have always wanted to try it and I am wondering if I would actually like those. I want something with treble clarity, and I personally do not mind extra bass and treble (I owned the DT 990 Premium and I like the sound of the Grado PS-1000 I have demoed) so long as the midrange is not as quiet as the DT 990. I like headphones that can be...
or Dr. Dre
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