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How do the HD 700's compare with the Fidelio X2's? I am considering both of these headphones but I have only enough money for one of the two. I like detail and excitement. Which does better in this regard?
When I saw the new Orpheus 2 video, I couldn't help but think of this video. Whatcha all think? It's over 9000! :D
in ultra-epic-slow motion
in a tutu
atop Mount Everest
I believe in try before you buy, but the only Denon D5000 on Amazon that is shipped by Amazon and therefore requires the seller to follow their return policy costs $998.99, almost double the cost of the others. I hear the Denon D5000 has a great fun factor without sacrificing midrange detail and presence like the DT 990 does. Graphically, it responds like this, which is quite neutral with just a slight U-shaped sound, and this is according to Reviewed.com whose graphs I...
and yet gentle
Before I make the plunge, I am considering one final alternative headphone in this price range, the discontinued Denon AH-D5000. I have always wanted to try it and I am wondering if I would actually like those. I want something with treble clarity, and I personally do not mind extra bass and treble (I owned the DT 990 Premium and I like the sound of the Grado PS-1000 I have demoed) so long as the midrange is not as quiet as the DT 990. I like headphones that can be...
or Dr. Dre
There were initially black, and then later on white screen HD 600 and HD 650 drivers. This picture just shows mainly the evolution of the HD 600, but practically the same occurred for the HD 650. The evolution is so huge, in fact, that, to my ears, the black screen HD 600 sounds darker than the latest HD 650.  Here are the two different graphs of the HD 650. Many people, such as Mike at Headfonia, found the early HD 650, too muddy and dark, and I concur. The first graph's...
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