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I originally purchased CanOpener many years ago and it turns out I never backed up the IPA of the app. I have my original purchase still in the App Store system but I cannot download it again since Good Hertz, the developer, pulled it from the store. If I could have the IPA, I could install it without issue and enjoy this wonderful app once more. Please provide me an IPA if at all possible. Since these IPA's are natively copy-protected, there would be no harm in sharing...
From what I have read, you should not be having hiss at all. It is actually one of the quietest portable amplifiers available. It sounds like your GOV2 is defective.
Yes, its XMOS chip natively supports ASIO.
 The Monk+ page. Gotcha. Found it! Not what I would have expected since it is on the main product page for one of their earphones and not their cables. $5 is an absolute steal!
You are absolutely correct. They don't quite have the TRRS to TRS cable I'm after. But they do have 4-pin XLR adapters at a very reasonable price point. One goes to 3.5 mm single-ended and another goes to 3.5 mm balanced. Since XLR is the industry standard for more premium statement amplifiers, I think I will instead just reterminate my DT 880's to XLR. That way, I take care of compatibility for all three scenarios in one fell swoop and can call it a day.
I am looking on AliExpress and Venture Electronics' website for this adapter and I can't quite find it. Could you post a link? Thanks!Never mind. The mobile version of the site was keeping me from looking at their dropdown menu. Found it!
Thank you to everyone who answered my questions! :) Now that I sold my Groove and purchased a Geek Out V2 in its place, I am investigating the possibility of using the Geek Out V2's balanced output. I can easily reterminate my Beyerdynamic's to balanced, but I would still like to have the ability to have a single-ended plug with my other equipment. Is there a decent quality, inexpensive female TRRS balanced to male TRS single-ended adapter available online?
I as of yet do not own a Geek Out. However, in Windows, that sort of behavior should not be happening. With the dozens of DACs and sound cards I have used, volume level persists even after a cold start, a reboot or since the last time it was plugged in. That has all the telltale signs of an OS issue. What OS version are you running? 
I concur in that no one can predict necessarily in certain terms how great objective performance in one area or another will translate to great subjective performance. Generally speaking, however, an excellent measuring DAC will sound clear, dynamic and resolving compared to lesser offerings. Furthermore, I disagree that the Surface Pro 4's headphone jack is vastly inferior, but actually is vastly superior to many DACs. I cannot begin to count the myriad family members and...
I suppose I have been in the dark when it comes to the sheer performance of the LH Geek Out V2. Until I stumbled onto this set of measurements, I did not realize the V2 and its successors were objectively superior to the Objective 2 and the ODAC. I had been doing some digging for scraps of information on the Geek Out V2 and what I unearthed from Archimago's blog is eye opening. From what I discovered, the Geek Out V2 has benchmark-grade measured performance across the...
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