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Equal-loudness contours can be applied in addition to headphones' natural response curve and I would say that in the case of headphones, it is a most suitable application. The very reason it is applied is to increase the perceived loudness of the sound at a given volume, that of heightened clarity and impact, independent of whether the device is a pair of headphones or a set of speakers, promoting safer low volume listening (not the 120 dB sound level of a jet turbine). It...
The fact of the matter is this proves that the HD 700's measurements are actually ideal for practically all normal listening volumes. Unless you want to listen at jet plane levels with other "flat" headphones, these are the ideal way to go.
I don't own the Fidelio's but, based on my thorough buying research, I definitely would if the HD 700 didn't exist. It is a entry-level Hi-Fi class pair of headphones, not Mid-Fi, and is commonly compared and preferred by reviewers with models at (HD 600, DT 880, K 701, HE-400S) and above its price point (HE-500, LCD-2). Even a Amazon reviewer sold off both their Sennheiser HD 650 and Denon AH-2000, two all-time favorites here at Head-Fi, after purchasing it, which speaks...
I have looked at two other potential headphones to buy (the Denon AH-D5000 and the Pioneer Fidelio X2) and, after much evaluation and deliberation, I have decided on ultimately still purchasing the HD 700. In all my research, besides the fact that I already demoed them and enjoyed them thoroughly, one key point has stood out as to why I think I like them so much, and that is they very much follow the equal-loudness contour for moderate volume listening, particularly from...
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Uberclocked was, I believe, referring to the controversial treble spikes in the HD 700, the spikes Purrin and Co. made positively sure all of us were informed would make us nauseous and kill us... not. XD Which of the two has better detail and excitement: the HD 700 or the X2? 
Well, the T90 is my limit/way too bright, but I can take the DT 990 in all its forms. FWIW, I already had a chance to demo the HD 700 and liked it. So I guess that means I could go either way potentially, huh? :)
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