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You know, the bumps on the SRH 940 bothered me a bunch more. I don't even notice them and the pads are much more comfy on the Q 701.
I demoed an older boxed K 702 at a local music store a couple days ago. Its treble was grittier. The Q 701 I am using right now is indeed warmer and has smoother and perhaps further treble extension.
Even unamped, using these headphones makes me feel like I stole. I have never felt so enthralled and I've tried and owned my fair share of headphones. Music, for a lack of better words, sounds real. Even the bass is a CLEAR step up from the SRH 940. It's filled out, smoother and actually warmer than the SRH 940 bass.
I used Prime and paid for one day shipping for $4. That's why it came in a jiffy like it did. :) I needed to have it for my birthday this weekend. :)
$130 dollars later, my like-new Q 701 from Amazon are here! They are, in fact, the Austrian model and appear to have never even been opened!  
OK. I owned the O2 twice, having built it both times. In my first go, I found amping was quite beneficial to DT990s, such as a massive extension boost (from 30 Hz to 20Hz depth) in a frequency sweep test like before. A little later on, with my second one for SRH 940s, the improvements were subtle and the bass frequencies didn't respond much to amping. I also had a HiFimeDIY Sabre USB DAC as a source in the second go which benefitted the overall system more than the O2 in...
Just throwing this out there. Has anyone else noticed how much better the Q 701 appears to sound with crossfeed than most other headphones? As I see it from my short demo session, it seems to sound 100% neutral in outputting crossfeed processed content. With Sennheisers (HD5xx), when the channel extremes disappear in using crossfeed, the treble loses its illusion of sharpness and the veil sticks out like a sore thumb. Beyers (DTxx0) lose what little midrange intimacy they...
That's another good site I check. Nothing from them either. Boy, 128 GB microSD cards have been rumored since 2008 ( ).  It's taking a very long time for them to make this transition. EDIT: Here's what SanDisk said in summer of last year.
Thanks! That sounds great! I actually also tried the Q 701 over a year and a half ago and so I can't really remember too many details about the experience. I think I'll go ahead and get the FiiO E07K at Sonic Electronix and use their SONICBOWL discount code to get it for $75.95. And nice anime picture there, by the way! I just need to somehow get a Sonic picture drawn up by a friend or do some Photoshopping to get a AKG-i-fied Sonic for a new profile picture. EDIT: Just to...
No, I don't. As long as the encoding is set up properly, they should be virtually indistinguishable from one another. Blind tests have long disproved the advantages of FLAC over 320 Kbps MP3 for even audiophile listening. That said, FLAC is wonderful for archiving as you don't lose any quality from the CD source and, because of this, it is good for sourcing when transcoding to any other format.
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