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COWABUNGA! Prepare for
the Carolina Reaper   (seriously watch this video; absolute torture)
of the Q 701  
Cool! Sorry for the false alarm. Still an all-around awesome deal for those with a penchant for the HiFiMAN house sound. :D
chip cookie dough
Step 1. Buy the combo deal.Step 2. Resell the headphones in new unopened condition, recouping almost the entire cost you paid for the combo of the headphones and the card.Step 3. Use the almost free cash you obtained from the card as desired towards an amp or DAC.
Within the last hour, these have had their price raised to $659.00. It makes me seriously wonder if the seller is spying on this thread. (If so, tisk, tisk. Shame on you, if you are. :P ) What an unexpected turn of events for someone who thought they were going to pounce on a killer deal. Maybe we should start a private message deals group so these dealers cannot get wise to us? Hehe...Incorrect information. The user reporting this deal mistook the model number for the price.
Equal-loudness curves can be used in any sound device to remedy the perception of sound response at lower volumes, and it is easy to see them being incorporated in the frequency responses of modern diffuse-field equalized headphones--that is the point. Tyll at InnerFidelity referenced its possible use in the Shure SRH-1540, but I believe it is also being more widely than that, by Sennheiser in their latest high-end headphones, by Philips in the Fidelio X2, and many, many...
an all-family event
Equal-loudness contours can be applied in addition to headphones' natural response curve and I would say that in the case of headphones, it is a most suitable application. The very reason it is applied is to increase the perceived loudness of the sound at a given volume, that of heightened clarity and impact, independent of whether the device is a pair of headphones or a set of speakers, promoting safer low volume listening (not the 120 dB sound level of a jet turbine). It...
New Posts  All Forums: