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I am an avid computer enthusiast and a computer engineering student and I can straightway tell you that yes, I have. Intel Iris outperforms quite a few $100 and under desktop video cards and uses a lot less power to pull off what it does. In addition, the next round of Intel integrated graphics in their 6th Generation Core chips also outperform plenty of Nvidia and AMD's dedicated laptop graphics chips. I love gaming at ultra settings as much as the next PC enthusiast...
PM'ed you! 
Can the Seiun Pro and Pro X act as a headphone amp/DAC for other devices or is it just a standalone player? (I use the word "just" with trepidation because the price such a wonderful bargain to begin with. :) ) 
Subbed. I just asked not too long ago if an affordable Android DAC existed, and all I got was an audience of crickets. This is even better than the price I was asking for, $250, and this is all the way down at $90/$150. If this indeed turns out to be all it claims, I will be happy as a clam!
Luke Skywalker guitarist See at 1:15. Also here: https://youtu.be/4gpNqB4dnT4?t=1m15s
that it defies
Yes, it is a hypothesis, albeit well-researched, a hypothesis that will take time to be proved or disproved. If we did not take correlations out into the open and have them publicly scrutinized as we are doing now, underlying causation could never be identified or understood. Yet we need to seriously consider them, with adherents and detractors on both sides to tear the cases apart, so as to come to a final conclusion. Fortunately, this is no problem, or we would not be...
of epic proportions
I say there is no harm in asking. You just might hit the jackpot. It was my lucky day in the case of the HD 700. Search this thread for the name your price link and give it a shot.
Oh, the irony, since I read up on these just a few days ago. Apparently, these may sound better and measure better than the Emotiva Airmotiv 4s which are also on sale, but which cost a trifle more at $239 a pair. For $99 a speaker (or $198 a pair), this might be the speaker deal of the year. Speaker folks out there, what say ye?http://noaudiophile.com/JBL_LSR305/
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