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Oh, I forgot to ask, how does the Q3 compare to the H4c?
I'm interested in getting a HiFi recording device, and was wondering if the Zoom Q3 would fit the bill? I especially like the video recording aspect (similar to Flip Ultra HD), but I don't know about the sound quality. How does the Zoom Q3 compare to a Zoom H2 in this respect? Thanks!
just a question... people got aggravated when i talked about the film, which is the title of the topic, and the reason it's under the thread section general i was basically told to talk about what this site is all about, so that's what i did--talk about headphones--even though this is the general section
Not bumping, but wanted to ask a sort of off-topic question: Would you guys buy a pair of Sonic the Hedgehog-branded Skullcandies?
"Reading some of the comments made here about the animation and I guess I should clear the air here regarding what medium was used in creating the short. This animated trailer was not done in Flash, ToonBoom, or any other vector based animation software, for that matter. The entire production was 100% traditionally hand drawn. However I did draw directly into my animation software using a wacom, No paper was used, and inking was done without the use of any vector...
Sega actually has no problem with personal films--they help sponsor Summer of Sonic, and there's probably a least 30 different cartoon shorts and games created by fans. Free advertising doesn't bother them--they just don't anyone selling anything with Sonic on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by squid+ I'll say that I'm a big fan of classic Sonic, but that trailer didn't really grab me and to be honest I don't really have high hopes for it. That SA1 parody thing was kind of funny though Yeah, the trailer was really a footage "sampler" and not anything actually from the movie, per se. I listened to the sample voice recordings, and those rock: deviantART: sonmanic's Journal: Sonic Fan Film: Voice Samples It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ducks_own ...Sonic referring to sound. *Facepalm* Sonic actually is an audiophile: lol
There are supposedly a bunch of Sonic fans on this forum (this forum is huge)... I guess they don't really care.
Sorry, no... I can post my feelings if I want to!
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