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​Agreed! And the best part is they are fun sounding and not just technically proficient in some specific way. Here's just one example. The Q701 I had, though great at soundstaging, was boring with some music because of a dip in the lower treble and some lack of bass heft. The bass mod kind of helped to enliven the low and midbass but it still was not particularly involving. Lately, IEMs seem to be the place where the most innovation has been happening in headphones and so...
http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEElectronics-A151-Balanced-Armature-In-Ear-Headphone-2nd-Generation-/141197445525   For anyone who missed the boat for the MEE Audio A151 2nd Gen sale, you can still get them at (almost) the same steal of a price. They are only $34.99 plus free shipping and handling on eBay at MEE Audio's official store. Having just gotten them in the mail, I can personally vouch for their sound quality independent of price. What the A151 2nd Gen lacks in...
It sounds like he has been watching too many episodes of 60's Batman. That sounds like a deduction to one of those crazy Riddler riddles.
See this review. Not very telling, but it's the first somewhat reputable--and quite positive--evaluation I've seen of this model so far: http://www.audioholics.com/headphone-reviews/rbh-ep3-in-ear-monitor-headphones 
Imagine it being like almost exactly the same in sound quality as the original TITAN 1? At this low of a price, as you say, we just might see this in Amazon's top 100 or even 10 list for headphones. And then, once they have everyone hooked on this product and their brand name, they just upsell and the Head-Fi cycle (you know, "Welcome to Head-Fi! Sorry about your wallet.") hits humanity big time.
No problem. I just bit and bought it. The reviews and metrics made it too good to pass up on this deal.
What is the source for your coupon? I am curious since I could not find it in the Google Search listing and this sounds like an insanely good deal. Is it exclusive to some email list or coupon club? I want to be in said club or on said list if at all possible.​
How does the A151 2nd Gen compare to the Phonak Audéo PFE 1xx with gray filters? EDIT: For those who are interested, I compared MEE Audio's own graphs to Tyll's at Innerfidelity's. See, I compared the A161 (not to be confused with the A151) which is in the InnerFidelity database, and look what I found out. That sister model's is essentially a carbon copy to InnerFidelity's graph except for a very slight 3-5 dB difference at 10 KHz and above, or the ultra high frequency...
Hey, you forgot Michigan, which joins the ranks of state sales tax paying citizenry starting next week. That should tip it past the 80 % mark. So that takes it from "practically everyone as far as the eye can see" to "basically every single Joe and their cats and dogs from New York to LA." (By the way, I'm looking at all you past offenders of evasion of our state use tax. jk :P )
  Just curious... I realize this song is in dire need of serious de-essing. I also realize the dude at the beginning is, in my honest opinion, over-doing his "s" sounds a bit. For you guys, just how brutal are the "s" sounds of this song through the TITAN?
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