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There are supposedly a bunch of Sonic fans on this forum (this forum is huge)... I guess they don't really care.
Sorry, no... I can post my feelings if I want to!
Anyone else have an opinion about the movie? Also, do you guys like the chat room?
Here's a chat room where people are talking about the movie: SonicMovieCall - Chat Room
I think I'll ask a moderator to change this thread's name to "Question: Running VST's Through Windows Audio System" to better coincide with this b0dhi.
No, I mean for the complete audio system of the operating system. That is, an enhancement that works on everything that goes through Windows audio. (Games, system sounds, movies, music, etc.) Since Vista/Win7 has the audio enhancement mechanism for HD audio, I thought someone would have written a crossfeed enhancement.
Does anyone know if there is a crossfeed audio enhancement for Windows 7/Vista? In stating "audio enhancement", I mean this: Just wondering. Now that I've mentioned it, this will probably become some Head-Fi'er's or geek's next big programming project if this hasn't been created yet (or, better yet, a VST plug-in enhancement!).
Actually, it was completely handdrawn with a wacom... if you want to see some crappy animation by Sonic fans, look no further (you'll get a few chuckles, though!): + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. If the beginning of the Sonic Fan Film trailer turned you off (the landscape does look a little flat but still well detailed), don't judge it just by that. The trailer looks...
That stuff is either false or half-truths! Please don't post stuff from there, anyway--that's against forum rules. I could go into a long explanation, but basically it's written by a bunch of losers who are jealous of the project--and probably the same ones who keep sending threats to Kuta (director, creator) and his family. Just this weekend, one of those idiots tried to rape his sister--no joke. It makes me very sad to have to share that with you, but since someone...
This movie is based on the robotizing one while following the Sonic the Hedgehog main game series.
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