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Did they have actual D5000 wood cups or were they custom-made cups? I am curious to know if simply doing a cup swap would give the D2000's D5000 performance. If so, I might get a pair of D2000's just so I have a fun pair of headphones around to complement my HD600's.
Wrong thread. Whoops.
Yeah. It is a sad story. When Denon and Fostex went their own ways and discontinued the legendary D2000/D5000/D7000 line, each of their replacement products were a step down. Way too much bass, sloppy mids and erratic highs. Denon's are much, much worse and Fostex's are actually good, but not incredible. The original Denon headphones gave open-back headphones a run for their money. These products are just average sealed headphones at best. Too bad Denon and Fostex aren't...
That is correct--there is no such animal. The poster before me probably meant to say "grey market" HD600's. These are HD600's which are obtained through suppliers and then resold without explicit authorization from Sennheiser. That poster probably also misread the article if I am right about the one he was referring to. HD600's which are shipped and sold by Amazon are fully authorized. Others that are only shipped by Amazon but which are sold by other Amazon Marketplace...
That may be true, but Sennheiser still will honor their product if it is sold by Amazon itself. If it is shipped (but not sold) by Amazon, Sennheiser may or may not because it would then totally depend on whether or not the seller is an authorized dealer.
Subbed. You can count me in on this, too!
It sounds like we're kindred spirits, engineering wise. I'm a computer engineering major, but my program has a heavy EE emphasis at my university. I'll give that shot. I really wanted to pull out my soldering iron over break, anyway!
The Objective 2 wan a fun and educational project to build. Having this under my belt is actually going to make my EE lab course a cinch because the project is building a basic speaker amp. I wonder if I showed my professor an assembled O2, he would let me forgo the project.
A can of worms is right: from burn-in to cables. What was I thinking? :) One last question: Has anyone noticed a difference between silver and copper with the HD600? Will it make them just a smidge brighter? Besides the copper cable madwolfa shared, would this Chinese silver-plated cable be a good bet or would I be risking getting false merchandise?
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