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When it's a slow news day around the web--excluding today with the new Episode 7 trailer--I always know where to find valuable info like this. Thanks guys! Once I have my cash reserves up for my leisure spending money, I will have my eye glued to this thread for more Beyer T 90 and HD 700 deals like this.
Here's some food for thought. Threaten to blacklist them--seriously, it works. It worked for me with a troublesome, freeloading individual I once encountered who wanted to leave negative feedback when everything which had been explicitly written out was exactly as they received their product. There are sites with lists of thousands if not tens of thousands of blacklisted eBay buyers that you can mention you will submit their names to in order to dissuade and elude these...
Thanks! I will do that--I especially don't like this being left unanswered, since electronic analysis and diagnosis and all should be my forte as a computer engineer. Once I have college finals in my wake, unraveling this mystery will be my next task at hand. It may just be a matter of a bad solder joint somewhere down the line, so I will reheat and redo the joints to cover my bases there. The resistors measured okay, but I will double and triple check everything in the...
I personally can't say since my cash is going towards other stuff and I am passing this up at the moment. If anything, I am looking at either the Titan IEM or an HE-4. I hope this deal helps out a fellow Head-Fi'er.
For those who may have missed out on the Woot deal, Newegg is selling the X5 for only $69.99. Just apply the discount code EMCARKA75 in your cart for a $30.00 instant rebate on its full price of $99.99. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826779005  Source: http://slickdeals.net/f/7788831-personal-audio-arctic-cooling-stereo-bluetooth-headphones-w-built-in-mic-p253bt-for-12-99-klipsch-image-x5-in-ear-headphones-black-silver-for-69-99-ac-more-newegg-com
Just to have them returned again... and again... and again. It sounds like a very foolish management decision that is only bound to tarnish their image as a company. Why waste customers' time and your money shipping what needs to be returned to the manufacturer in the first place?
I have no issues with power supply noise or noise on the output when using IEM's even. I don't quite understand where you are coming from as far as the computer power supply is concerned unless you a suggesting a true dual supply with a real ground.
I hope my custom PIMETA is up to the task. It has an impressive two BUF634 quad buffer stacks on the left and right channels, equating to up to 1000 mA output capability, or 2.2 watts, per channel. Being the detail freak that I am that mustn't have any sonic stone left unturned, my current favorite setup is all AD797's on the left, right and ground channels. My second favorite is slightly the same, with the AD797 again on the ground channel but the minor alteration of...
Thanks guys! That was exactly what I was expecting, and this pretty much confirms my thoughts. I am pretty sure now I know which songs will and won't work on the T90 based on this one's performance. I may do some opamp rolling to get things to sound better. If I get or demo the T90, I have a bunch of OPA627s which smooth things over that may do the trick.
I would greatly appreciate your help. I have a strange issue where I am getting a slight offset in my ground channel of 5 mV. Anyone have any ideas? Details and discussion are found in the thread below: http://www.head-fi.org/t/419563/the-pimeta-v2-thread/600#post_11491025
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