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Subbed. You can count me in on this, too!
It sounds like we're kindred spirits, engineering wise. I'm a computer engineering major, but my program has a heavy EE emphasis at my university. I'll give that shot. I really wanted to pull out my soldering iron over break, anyway!
The Objective 2 wan a fun and educational project to build. Having this under my belt is actually going to make my EE lab course a cinch because the project is building a basic speaker amp. I wonder if I showed my professor an assembled O2, he would let me forgo the project.
A can of worms is right: from burn-in to cables. What was I thinking? :) One last question: Has anyone noticed a difference between silver and copper with the HD600? Will it make them just a smidge brighter? Besides the copper cable madwolfa shared, would this Chinese silver-plated cable be a good bet or would I be risking getting false merchandise?
I haven't noticed any issues with sound quality myself. It's the stock cable's immense length that is kind of cumbersome. Hence, my search for a shorter, less Rapunzel-like bundle of wires to carry around.
When I owned the two different versions of the DT990, my overall impressions were the mid and upper treble was hyper accentuated, the upper midrange and lower treble was pushed back and the upper bass was a bit inflated. Comparing the two individual models, the 250-ohm Pro version I first owned sounded duller, more wooly and less articulate in the midrange. On the other hand, the DT990 Premium 600 ohm is a half league to a league above the Pro, with greater clarity,...
Maybe when the HD900 comes out a CES or two from now? (Fingers crossed)
  I have a question. I am thinking of changing the cable on my HD600's soon. Any recommendations for a 3- to 5-foot, 3.5mm TRS terminating cable costing less than $50. Thank you!
Will you have the Schitt combo too by then? I bet you'll enjoy it from everyone's comments in the thread. I haven't heard any of the newer Schitt products myself but they seem to be an excellent combo just like Bottlehead Crack is.
Me too. Even just to resell them as new may have been worth the effort. I already have a pair I bought earlier. I cannot wait to hear it for Christmas!
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