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There are also some Parrot Zik's for 40% off MSRP at a few RadioShack store that are still open and that are having closing liquidations. I just saw one yesterday. This same 40% off deal also applies to all of the Rat Shack's headphones that are being liquidated.
I think I might like them but having not personally tried them, I am scared to just buy them blind. But maybe they would be worth the gamble based on the following experience:This last week, I went to an audio shop and tried planars for the first time and much to my surprise, I actually did not warm to the HiFiMAN sound. Having heard the HE-400i, HE-500, HE-560 and HE-6, it is just far too scooped in the lower treble and upper midrange for me to enjoy it.The HE-6 was the...
I just got off the phone with Fumfie.com. They are not an authorized seller, but they will honor the 1 year warranty they have listed.
I disagree. I would never ever rely on Reseller Ratings since it is more of an ignorant complainer's soapbox than an honest review of a site's reputation. That is why I highly recommend Shopper Approved over Reseller Ratings for getting the scoop on sellers without the static of angry, buyer's remorse grieved customers ranting and complaining.  By Reseller Ratings standards, Amazon.com and Newegg Flash would be no go places for buyers. That is just how useless and out of...
The Sennheiser HD 800 is on sale for only $1099 brand new at Fumfie.com. They appear to be 100% legit, carrying a high rating (see here: http://www.shopperapproved.com/reviews/fumfie.com/ ). They also have a retail store in Rockaway Park, NY and can be reached at +1 866 666-9198.   http://fumfie.com/product/360.58/HD800_Sennheiser_HD_800_Dynamic_Open_Back_Stereo_Headphones-/
To those who have eyed the recently released PIMETA V1 design in this thread: if you were leery of using this design with the LMH6321 on account of the short circuit issue while disconnecting headphones that would burn up those buffers, worry no longer. MAGNEZ on Kickstarter is a new kind of audio jack adapter that solves not only the breakaway issues that jacks have but this shorting issue as well.    Link:...
When TMAC comes back, please, for the love of everything good and decent, do not let this be one of the featured pics. :PBottom to top reminds me of a Droopy Dog short where the bulldog Butch actually wins a competition by cheating. As the curtain is drawn up, he sees what he thinks is a drop dead gorgeous beauty queen that is to give him the winning kiss--that is, until her face is revealed. XD
When you wish upon a star... I hereby grant you your wish. (I may live to regret this...)     
You European Head-Fi'ers certainly deserve it--it has been long overdue. I hope you chaps have the maist jolly event across the pond. (And that is the extent of my semi-British/Scottish English.)   Random thoughts. Saw the poster girl on the first page and I was like wow, but why is she chewing on the cable like a cat would? I go on further to the next few pages and I'm like, my mind is forever scarred.
Manufacturer refurbished AKG Q701 sold and shipped by Harman Kardon on eBay for $150. Quite possibly a better deal than the Amazon Warehouse Deals which may have comestic damage and cost roughly the same to a little bit more.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/AKG-Quincy-Jones-Signature-Series-Q701-Premium-Reference-Headphones-White-/121592472811   EDIT: The above is the white version. Also available in black for...
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