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Still up? The Amazon's historic price for this new has been $60 for many months until a couple days ago.
  I know some may believe graphs are still not a good indicator of absolute neutrality, but I found this one site's graphs align almost dead-on with what I believe I hear. I like a gentle lift of extra oomph and sizzle on the frequency extremes and a neutral sound in the middle spectrum. This graph below matches this sonic preference and is exactly how I perceive my Denons when listening critically and running sweeps across them: they are a beauty to listen to! Going a...
Keeping this thread alive and sharing a hot deal for makers! I simply joined PCBWay and I recently received a $45 credit that was enough to cover both the fabrication and shipping and handling costs of 20 100 x 80mm 2-layer PCBs, absolutely free for me! For potential makers of the Pimeta V1 and he-who-shall-not-be-named's dioxygen amplifier, I cannot recommend PCBWay enough for their quick and impeccable service.   http://www.pcbway.com/
Thanks, @FallenAngel. You wouldn't happen to have the original photos for that guide? The reason I ask is the links to the article's photos appear to have since become broken.
I am planning on recabling my Denon D2000's and I want to make sure I have do not have my wires crossed in my understanding of recabling them. ;) Am I correct in stating that the positive lead goes to the hot/red pad on the left and the ground led goes to the opposite on the right on the back of the driver? That is what I took away from what this Head-Fi'er says here:By the way, I am also interested in just using this cable for my upgrade. This should work fine,...
I have been away and occupied with pressing real life matters, but I am extremely anxious and excited to very, very soon share my in-depth evaluation of the TITAN 5 in the next week. I will be giving primary focus on the key areas of the TITAN 5 including packaging presentation, overall design and build quality, sound signature, and soundstage and imaging.  In my most critical portion of the review, the sound evaluation process, I will have approximately thirty carefully...
Given many outside obligations that were pulling me in every direction, I have not been online for about a month. From my early years as a user here, I remember this quote from my favorite Head-Fi'er, @Skylab: I had always wanted to own these headphones since, based on their reviews, which especially note their unique blend of detail, balance and fun factor, they always seemed like my metaphorical "desert island" headphone. For a certain period from 2010 to 2012, I had...
        This reminds me of the $21.43 DT 250's on Amazon back in 2013. This is head and shoulders a better deal than the HD 598. This is a one way ticket to what real Hi-Fi headphones can achieve. This is hands down the headphilia deal of the year. Congratulations to all of you snagged this superb limited time offer! Your ears will be well rewarded!
Last I checked, this is not CS or SBAF where opinions are crudely bandied about as fact. Some respect, please. On the topic of square waves, the 300Hz square wave is actually more square-like in the HE-500. This suggests a more evenly perceived tone and even-keeled, well-grounded bass. Of course, Tyll's equipment is just one setup of many and variation and human errata are inevitable even in his. Now, back to some new swell deals, huh?
 Unfortunately, it is still not low enough for the very popular DUNU DN-2000J. Its impedance is as low as 6 ohms. If you own that IEM or are planning on owning one in the near future, take note. I wish they could get this player below the magic 1 ohm impedance threshold. However... For 98% of IEMs and headphones out there, the 1.8 ohm output impedance is more than low enough.  
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