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Actually, we tested the PL50 along with the PL30 and found that only the PL30 is compatible with any of our standard tips (T-400). Unfortunately, the PL50 soundport is just a bit too large for the T-100 tips to work well, so we don't recommend them. I hope this info helps. Jeff
Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I have sent a PM to sokolov91 regarding his experience and look forward to resolving his issue ASAP.   For anyone that may have attempted to contact us through in the past two weeks, please resend your email, as our system was not forwarding emails properly.   Thanks,   Jeff Bus. Dev. Sales. Mgr. Consumer Electronics
Hey Guys,   Most of our OEM partners include the medium size Comply™ Foam Tips in with their earphones, including UE, as the medium size fits most.   Soon you'll begin to see our tips in branded pouches inside the earphone packages for OEM partners, eliminating the question "Are these Comply™ Foam Tips, and which model/size?"   Hope this info helps out.   Best,   Jeff
  Wyatt, We haven't tested that specific Sony model for compatibility yet, but as the majority of other Sony earphones use the T-400 tips, I would venture a guess that this model will also. Jeff  
The difference between T-100 and T-400 is simply the size of the inner core. T-100 has a small core size for slender soundports like Shure, Etymotic, Klipsch, etc. T-400 has a larger size core for more standard soundports like Sony, JVC, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, etc.
Hey,   We've actually tested the PL50's and  found they are not compatible with any of our Comply™ Foam Tips. Both T-100 and T-140 were too small and didn't have enough retention force to be approved.   Jeff
Quote: Originally Posted by nightfire I just discovered Comply tips. I received Tx100s for my ER4s, and all I can say is: Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I was worried the wax guards would affect the highs too much, but figured I could remove them anyway (as the ER4s of course have their own filters which I'm well stocked up on). As it turns out, I actually prefer the new sound signature! The ER4 is relaxing now, without ear...
Quote: Originally Posted by 3DCadman I recently got a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Coppers. They include what looks to be a Comply T-400. Are these true Complys or a copy? To be honest, I didn't like the sound with them. If it's not a Comply, I'd be willing to try a real one to see if it sounds better. It seemed to muffle the high end. I like foamies in general better than any other type, but I didn't like the one that came with my...
Quote: Originally Posted by LFC_SL This might be vague but at the UK meet there were red ones, I'm not such if they were T400 or T500. I know someone will tell me they each are available in red Of course! All T-Series Comply™ Foam Tips are available in red. The way to tell T-400 from T-500 is the color of the cores. T-400: Clear core T-500: Black core I hope this helps! Jeff
Quote: Originally Posted by mmd8x28 I originally liked the T-400, but after a while, I really don't anymore. The material gets so soft in my ear that it feels like goo almost, but solid, and sometimes it'll start to slide out when it's soft like this. Also, when I Q-tip my ears in the morning after a shower, guess what else comes out, pieces of the foam, little tiny dots.. They are falling apart in my ears. Interesting post...I've never had...
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