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Thanks everyone, I decided to go with the denon 1100's.
I've been on the lookout for some nice circumaural portable cans this week and am looking for suggestions. My hifiman re0's recently lost sound in one ear so I need a new set of headphones. I have 701's for home and would love to have something with that sort of sound signature. Can go heavier on the bass but I really like the clarity they have. They have to be CLOSED. I intend to use them walking between my classes and sometimes in the library (quietly of course). The...
Well my most recent amp died. I had a headsix for about 2 years, really liked it, till it poo-poo'ed on me. Then I got a cheaper Fiio E5, which I also liked--mostly the size. Now since it died mysteriously (must be the cold weather?) I'm in the market for a new amp that is budget priced. As in ~100 CND. Anyone have any ideas? Preferably a re-chargeable one with a built in battery would be ideal.
bumps for my ears
So, I got my RE1's today...and in my haste I guess I must have left the packaging at the bus stop. So I lost all of my accessories (but not the earphones! That's the important part!). I had already replaced the large clear silicone bi-flanges with the smaller white bi-flanges (at least i think they were smaller...not sure.) But anyway, the original flanges on it were too large to put into my ear and the ones I have now sound *fantastic* but it is extremely difficult to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by vii_haven If you want something with impact as good as headphones, you'll only find it with headphones. However the Futuresonics Atrio comes close to that. I feel it thumping in my head! Not looking for something with as much...just as close as possible. I realize I won't be able to get the same amount of oomph due to the drivers.
Bump, considering some Future Sonic model's.
So I own a pair of AKG701's that I *LOVE* and I am looking for some monitors for portable use. I use an iPod nano 2G with a Meier Headsix. I'm looking for something with the sound and as close as possible to the impact of the AKG's. Unfortunately I desperately need isolation and I can't wear a huge pair of headphones so monitor's seem like the likely choice. I'm looking at Etymotic ER4, and some Shure models right now, however I don't want something shrill or to trebley...
I've never been tricked with e-mails or anything, but just a week or two ago my account was jacked and someone tried selling a bunch of xbawkz hueg TV's (like 50' Plasma's). I changed all my account info...but yeah, it was scary. I am clueless as to how they got in (Spyware? I'm on a mac) Still, scary to think about it. But eBay is pretty good at catching them, and pretty fast too.
I think you'll be quite happy with them, honestly.
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