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By the way, it's not difficult to modify the PIMETA v2 LM317 trickle charger to let the wall supply run the amp when on wall power, bypassing the battery:       Unlike the one you show, the LM317 isn't regulating the wall power supply, so you'll want to use a reasonably clean wall supply if you go this route.
Ah, I didn't see that dangling wire as a bypass path.
 I know.  That's why I remarked that there is nothing in SPICE to simulate the chemistry of a battery, whether charging or discharging. If you just want a load for the charger, you can use Ohm's Law to calculate an approximately correct resistor, or you could insert a current sink.  Neither will really tell you that much about whether the circuit works, though. Doing that is kind of like in algebra where you find that you've made a pointless substitution and end up proving...
 Normally with a voltage source, same as with your 15V input supply. That will only simulate a perfect battery, which has no ESR and a flat voltage vs time curve. There is nothing in SPICE that simulates the chemistry of a real battery. You can try to approximate various aspects of the battery, such as by adding 2-3 Ω in series on the positive terminal of the voltage source, being the ESR of a "9V" NiMH battery.  The ESR, as I said, is about 2-3 Ω. Capacitance? While there...
 Yes.  In the "Reply" composition area, the toolbar above the message box has a button for this.  Thanks for posting it.  It looks like it should work. You might want to give it a different name, though. Virtual ground is pretty essential to the "PIMETA" nature. Also, I've always thought of the PCB as an essential part of each project's identity. You will necessarily have to come up with a different design for this one, so you're getting into something that needs its own...
 Dunmanifestin.   The world I started DIYing in isn't the one I ended up in at the end of last year, when I shut down my shop. As that world faded away, so did I. (Don't shed a tear for me. I'm fine with this.) Anyway, gods, really? What, I have scriptures now? No, those are just footprints. If you're tired of retracing those footprints, go make some of your own. That's all I was doing, after all.
You're probably not getting any answers because you could have answered all of your questions. I get four pages of results when searching this forum for "NE5532 cmoy". The voltage question is covered on my site, and battery chargers are not only covered in several places on my site, they come up here regularly, too.   How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Perhaps you would draw up your new stripboard layout and post it publicly somewhere? You're surely not the only one who's had to come up with their own.
Isn't the -IN on each side of the op-amp connected to virtual ground via those jumpers at the wing edges of the board?
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