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You have pm.
PM sent.
I also have been using the Compass with my 650's.   However, I'm only using the Compass dac section and amping via my Gilmore Lite.  Very nice to my ears.   I did use the Compass amp section temporarily and found it to be very nice as well.  I listen to a lot of classic rock, progressive rock. blues & jazz.  It works well for me for all examples of my music.  My 650's are the newer, "veil less" version.   I'm thinking of an upgrade to Schitt Bifrost DAC but if it...
Here I am!!!!  :)  
I just wanted to update and say I DO have a backup copy of 0.2.8, so my setup is back to normal!
King Crimson - Thrak!
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours.
Audio Technica ATH-50 for me also.
Go with bookshelves.. I upgraded from the same Promedia 2.1 setup to a pair of NHT Superones with a separate 2 channel amp and and NHT passive volume control. Used S1s were about $175, amp I had ($200?) & NHT passive volume controller ($40). They can take up less space and provide good quality sound for less money.
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