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Yeah don't replace the jack, replace the entire cable. Whatever jack you are going to find it is going to be huge and bulky in comparison to the original and much too big for a mobile device, if that's your intended usage. I have replaced my er6 cable at least a half dozen times, sometimes even before it breaks because my sweat makes the cable stiff as time goes by. You have to have an ultra-fine soldering iron however, it's very cramped in there, and some 5/16 or 3/8...
If money no object and off-the-shelf IEM?
Just by looking at the HUGE cable junction these would be off my radar, and the reviews are BRUTAL.
Wow, already at $132. There must be *something* on this vintage that he really wants.
Quote: Originally Posted by d1ce I've done some research on this and can't quite find what i'm looking for. It seems that IEMs are regualrly compared in terms of isolation. How can this be? Would it not be the tip and thus the fit that are ultimately the factors of isolation? Yes, tips are the single biggest factor. When ppl say that, they are saying phone#1 isolate better than phone#2 GIVEN THE FACTORY PROVIDED TIPS, but the rest of us hardcores...
Quote: Originally Posted by captian73 They chrome picks up dents and scratches Holly crap, u must wrap it 'round your player or throw them in with the car keys. OP, u read wrong. The reviews say the first issue was OK, then they really screwed it up after that. No hate, just plain, well-known fact by now, but hey, like an Amazon review I remember, "they are great for the first 3 months!", so as long as u don't have great expectations yer...
If they give u money back, take THAT option.
Quote: Originally Posted by z50j they did limit the bass on the E2Cs but you can release them by krammer moding it, so maybe they do do it on purpose Sure... sometimes two products are so close that it's obviously a better deal to buy #1 than #2, so they "tweak it" so the 2 products are not so close anymore and able to offer u 2 price points. But for the most part, to me, this belongs to the conspiracy crowd.
Why say "limit?" Why not say they try to make products that appeal to people who have difference spending$ points? Why do u seem to assume companies always want to make the "best" product possible, if the consumer is not able to afford it?
Aha! I have the exact requirement, soft and low-profile. I too had an er6 pouch but after losing it, I went into Best Buys looking for one, and merde! they only sell like mini-backpacks, maybe thinking if they give u more, ur compelled to pay for it! Except, I DON'T WANT MORE! Bingo, saw THIS on eBay, got it and am happy. It's basically the shape of a folding envelope, a pair of springly pieces keep the lip close but it's got no zipper or velcro. Fits great in my...
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