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I have a DV336 and it is absolutely dead silent. No hiss, hum, anything. The stock tubes that come with the unit sometimes hum. That will disappear over time. If that is not agreeable, then just roll some tubes through it until satisfied. Chris
Yep... We be dere.
Quote: Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic Kimber Mini BUS 1.5M @ HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears Oh gawd!
I too have seen the 6080 get very warm!
Yep... Just keep on using it. They tend to, IMO, take a little longer to lose the hum than most.
No prob... Quote: Originally Posted by nick20 It's a joke Chris.. I'm not even old enough to go to a strip club.. -Nick
Quote: Originally Posted by nick20 Well then, are you down for some stripper hunting? -Nick I'll pass. Strippers don't do it for me... Always felt like a chump when I left the club. Hell, when you reach my age, you'll find that 25-30 of those singles pay better dividends from a new MoFi CD than some skank swinging on a pole.
Quote: Originally Posted by HighLife Soflachris can get into it to, make it even cheaper =) I'm down for the show all day on Saturday, then sushi afterwards. After that, I'm heading back up to Boynton. I can do all that I need to do in only one day. Besides, I can only spend one day staring at a bunch of dudes.
Thanks. I love it. Very quiet and crispy clear. I'll reach out to you soon on the tube audition offer. Too much travel, right now. Chris
Here's my humble little setup: I know, I know... But I didn't want to break out the tripod. This coming from a freelance photographer.
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