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Hi all   Does anyone has to offer a JVC FX 1100 in a tempting price?   I live in Greece.   Thanks
Can i ask something?   i have the FX-700 and i have an issue with left earpiece. The wire partial losses connection so the sound sometimes stops to come from that.    Is anyway to disassemble itit and fix it or no? Its pity to through them away.
Is any way the player at 90% in High gain to destroy the lcd-2?i tried that volume for about 30 sec and suddenly the left side stopped playing for ever....I am in communication with Audeze to see what happened..
Thank you for the usefull info! i will check everyone and i will tell you.Someone offers me the zen v2 for 90$ and i am thinking of buying them.
Also i am in a search of a IEM for them. i own the jvc fx 750 and i am very pleased. Do we have something similar with not so muchh bass and more confortable?
What about the sound? it delivers the quality of N6 or its a bottleneck?
Do you think VE Zen would be a good compination or a bottleneck? 
The lcd 2 fazor ... No issues..the N6 drive them at loud volume (75 on high gain) with no distortion.All perfect.
Can i ask something about the battery indicator and calibration? when i opened it the level was 99%..Now its 16% and there is a pop up message that battery is low and doesnot let me to do anything else.
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