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Hi all   I am in search of LCD 2 F . Buyer must be in Europe since i am afraid of customes fees.   I want you to be the first owner and be in like new condition.   I have in my balance in paypal 450 pounds. Tell me how much more we need to have a deal.   Thanks all!
Hi all   Anyone interested in Grado 225i ?   Bought in 2015 , used 1-2hours a day to a free-smoke house.   I have their bowls and the senh HD 444 yellow pads.   I live in Greece.   Regards
Give me your lcd2 fazor for my T1 so my dream dont die too!
Anyone to trade lcd-2 fazor with T1;;
Anyone to trade LCD 2 FAZOR with the beyer T1;
I suggest no stars
Something with the map of europe behind and a headphone in front and the ETC aa european trading club
την έχεις πατήσει και εσυ με το paypal;
130 its too expensive since there are new earbuds in that category
Greece is in need for freedom and democracy not earphones.
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