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Greece is in need for freedom and democracy not earphones.
 Good morning @customcoco  I have listened to lcd-2 , lcd 3 and lcd-xc. I didn't liked the lcd-2. I was amazed by the lcd-xc... So i would prefer to try lcd-3 and above :)
@Sotiris   Offer: Beyerdynamic T1 Request : Hi end cans of Grado or LCD Definite Trade: Possible.
I live in Greece. Thanks
Good morning   I am in the search of a good ear-bud....   I search for a mid-fi like yuin pk2. I have the pk2 , i dont want the pk1..   I dont search for YUIN. I just make a comparison to what category i seek.   I live in Greece, i pay paypall.   Thanks!
Hi   I live in Greece and i cannot find to buy a Clip Zip Sansa.Does anyone have even used;;   Can someone help;   I dont care for its internal storage.   Thanks!
Hi!   I just bought a Sanse Clip Sport 4G (the same as the pic) and i disappointed from the fact that it does not support Rockbox.   So i dont want it. I dont have the package but i have not used it more than 30minutes. I can show your the receipt (also it is the guaranty , from Public stores).   I will give the earphones and the usb cable.   Thanks.
hi, i am interesting trading the T1 with some other high end headphones. I bought them on March 2014, serial number is 19702.   -edit- only from Europe     Thanks
Good morning!    Is anyone interested in trading this player ;   I most interested in earphones of any kind or a simple dac-amp :)   Thank you   The pic is not mine, i just want to show the model i want to trade!
http://www.audiblefidelity.co.uk/grado-sr125i-headphones.html   New costs 156.921 euros   Your price for an opened product is too high.
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