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hi, i am interesting trading the T1 with some other high end headphones. I bought them on March 2014, serial number is 19702.   -edit- only from Europe     Thanks
Good morning!    Is anyone interested in trading this player ;   I most interested in earphones of any kind or a simple dac-amp :)   Thank you   The pic is not mine, i just want to show the model i want to trade!   New costs 156.921 euros   Your price for an opened product is too high.
wow!!! thank you. i am trying it now! Thank you very very much for your time
If someone like me wanted to equalize some of the freq of the T1 from Foobar , which freq you think would be that would make them less bright?   Thanks!
Hi   Anyone  to send his GRADO 225 to Greece?   Thanks
As the title says , does anyone has any old yuin pk2 ;   I dont want either box,foams of it, only the earbuds!     Thanks!!!
I have paired the T1 with the Vincent KHV-1 head amp and pre amp.   I bought the amp for 760 euros.   Max volume i can bare is 11 o clock...More than that i will go deaf.   Can anyone propose me tubes for that combination ; Its of the 12AX7 type.   Thanks!
Just buy the QUAD PA-1 amp/dac.   Amazing sound. I listen them at a show and i want to buy them!!!
Apex Tunnel
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