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I live in Greece. Make an offer for a good usb cable usb A to usb type B. Make your offer. Thanks!
According to this post the real cables write audioquest and no aq http://www.head-fi.org/t/806206/audioquest-king-cobra-counterfeit-or-different-gen#post_12570463
How you prove they are authentic?
Hi all   As the title says i sell my hiface 1 with coaxial adapter output + Blue jeans LC- rca to rca 0.5m   http://www.m2tech.biz/en/hiface.html   New price 50 Euros   I live in Greece   Regards
Hi all   I search for the specific usb-spdif converter.   Name a price , i live in Europe,Greece. REgarde
You mustbe joking...i have heard the X1 , i own the X3 and galaxy s3...The sound of S6 is horrible compared to X3 ans even S3...The X1 is close to S6 but it is entry level.And that is the sound of S6.Entry level even listen to eat with Yuin even with victor -jvc even with Grado even with Senheizer...Boring sound with disturbing highs....Please dont deny all of these..
Hi all   I am in search of LCD 2 F . Buyer must be in Europe since i am afraid of customes fees.   I want you to be the first owner and be in like new condition.   I have in my balance in paypal 450 pounds. Tell me how much more we need to have a deal.   Thanks all!
Hi all   Anyone interested in Grado 225i ?   Bought in 2015 , used 1-2hours a day to a free-smoke house.   I have their bowls and the senh HD 444 yellow pads.   I live in Greece.   Regards
Give me your lcd2 fazor for my T1 so my dream dont die too!
Anyone to trade lcd-2 fazor with T1;;
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