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Hi   Anyone  to send his GRADO 225 to Greece?   Thanks
As the title says , does anyone has any old yuin pk2 ;   I dont want either box,foams of it, only the earbuds!     Thanks!!!
I have paired the T1 with the Vincent KHV-1 head amp and pre amp.   I bought the amp for 760 euros.   Max volume i can bare is 11 o clock...More than that i will go deaf.   Can anyone propose me tubes for that combination ; Its of the 12AX7 type.   Thanks!
Just buy the QUAD PA-1 amp/dac.   Amazing sound. I listen them at a show and i want to buy them!!!
Apex Tunnel
totally nonsense!
When you keep it clean you get anxious to keep it that way...!!!!
    ******* Mess.....To bored to clean it up!!!!! But when you dont have a woman , you dont care....
Why you dont say a minimum amount ; So as not to lose higher bids?
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