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totally nonsense!
When you keep it clean you get anxious to keep it that way...!!!!
    ******* Mess.....To bored to clean it up!!!!! But when you dont have a woman , you dont care....
Why you dont say a minimum amount ; So as not to lose higher bids?
the meier classic concerto
I feel the T1 anemic with Corda, specially at low volumes. With HD650 i get the wow factor, with T1 , nope... I dont know, sound perception is something subjective
I have Corda and hd650 and T1....Corba is....amazing with HD650..and horrible with T1....According to my ears....
Interested in cables for HD650   Max amount i can offer is 60$.   Thanks!!
Hi   Anyone selling his old Yuin Pk1?   Thanks!!
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