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Wow. Has it been released yet? Being an AKG K1000 fan, i am going to get it :)    
For sale is my FIIO E10 in mint working condition. Included are the unit and USB cable. I dont have the original box as i have got rid of it. Reason for sale is that they have been sittle idle in my drawer for the last 2 months and found them yesterday during a room cleanout :). Will upload pictures later. Price includes shipping but paypal gift please.   Thanks for looking
back for sale and price dropped to 120 GBP for quick sale. Price includes shipping within UK. Thanks for looking
I got an iPAD 3 32 GB with 4 G as a gift about 2 weeks back and the device is in as new condition. Unfortunately, i dont need it and hardly used it. It can still be returned by me but since i got it as a gift, i will only get an apple gift card in return and i am not interested in any apple products. Hence i have decided to sell them. I still have the purchase receipt from Apple store, Oxford Circus. Included are the following, 1. iPAD 3 32GB with 4G (579 GBP) 2....
Just for information, i tried the Q701 with the FIIO E10. In short, the FIIO E10 can drive the Q701 quite loud but the sound is not as refined as my DACMagic PLUS (desktop amp). It is still very listenable but the soundstage is a bit congested and not much instrument separation. Guess the Q701 deserves a better amp than the E10.
Q701 is a good choice but you need a powerful setup. Actually i prefer the more forward Q701 vocals to the HD800 but that is just my personal choice. Luckily i have both Q701 and FIIO E10 but havent tried them together. Will check and get back with a comparison with my desktop setup.  Even better for vocals is the HD600 but i guess it will be difficult to amp with the E10.
I would recommend the new Cambridge DACMagic Plus. My laptop has some power issues and so i ofter hear clicks and pops when using a USB DAC. Also if power supply is connected to the laptop, it creates a humming sound which can be heard if the volume is maxed out. I have tried lots of DACs and the only DAC which fixes both the issues is the DACMagic Plus. Also the headphone out is very good and i actually prefer it over my Matrix M-stage. Only problem is the odd volume...
I would suggest sennheiser as they are one of the most popular theadphone brands in Head-fi, have a wide range of products and offer good value for money.
After a  short period of hiatus from headphones, i am back since i am addicted to them :) Anyway i have had the T1 for over 2 weeks and recently purchased the Q701. The T1s have around 80-100 hrs where as the Q701 probably has 10 hours or burn in. I am quite accustomed to the T1 sound signature since i have been using them for around 2 weeks. My initial comparisons are as follows but have to allow the Q701 to burn in to make any final conclusions,   - The mids...
Hi mate.. HD800 + M-stage was my setup for more than 6 months and it was wonderful. I never thought that i needed an upgrade.  The M-stage to me is less agressive in the highs and this is noticed especially when you increase the volume. It controls the highs beautifully and i found that it is a very good match with any bright headphones. Hope it helps.
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