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  The angled drivers on the T1 perhaps is not available on the T90.
Bought the K550 since i am travelling the next 2 weeks and wanted a good full size closed headphone. About Comfort, I have owned many headphones in the past and this is the only headphone with which i can sleep on one side in the bed. Since they have around 1-2 hours, i dont want to comment in detail about their sound but so far the sound is pretty good. They have a big soundstage and the mids are forward which is a good acheivement. Any K701 fan should love the K550 and...
In my opinion they are overpriced. But however i think the price is part of their appeal. If HD800 were priced lower, they wouldnt be as well regarded as they are now. Neverthless they are quality headphones with superior construction, comfort and built to last.
For sale is my Cambridge DACMagic Plus. I purchased them brand new in Feb but they stopped working and so got a brand new replacement on 10th April from richersounds. So they are used only for 3 weeks and come with original packing and receipt. I moved from headphones to speakers and i find the DACMagic to be a bit bright with my Adam A7x. So looking for a warmer balanced dac, Will upload pictures later but they are as good as new. Looking for 325 GBP which includes...
   I am selling my Grado RS1i since i no longer use them after upgrading to speakers. They are in very good working condition and comes with original box and a mini 1/4 to 1/8 converter (shown in pic). I bought them about 2 months back in this forum (link: http://www.head-fi.org/t/594038/grado-rs1i-excellent-condition-original-pacakges). Headphone is still in the same condition and i ended up spending around 400 GBP...
bump. found the bills :) suprised there is not much interest for this great solid state amp :(
bump with price drop to 190 GBP. Pictures added. The fading has happened only in a small portion of the earpad as seen in the picture.
I guess that is why they need celebrity branding :)    
After purchasing some Adam A7x speakers, i am supremely confident of living my life without listening to headphones at home. As the speakers were quite expensive to buy (although value for money considering the price of current flagships :)), i am listing my last and most loved headphones. For sale is AKG Q701 (White) in very good working condition with original packaging. I am the second owner and one of the ear pads has faded in colour. I will upload some pics later...
Wonder if Sony is launching the successor to K1000s which AKG is not doing :(
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