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Price drop to 20 GBP
I once compared my Lavry at volume level 39 with M-audio Transit USB and found it hard to identify any difference. My headphones and amp were HD800 and M-stage respectively. As i increased the volume on Lavry, it sounded better than my Transit USB. But i always listen at low volumes and didnt test distortion at high volumes.
  Hi. The HD800 inherently has a massive soundstage and the differece in soundstage is minimal between the two DACs. Actually i prefer the Teac over the DacMagic Plus. Regarding volume, i have not gone past the half mark yet. Mostly stick between 9 to 12 o clock position.The volume knob feels a bit cheap but fuctionally it work fine. My biggest complaint is that the DAC doesnt work on Ubuntu. So have to use a USB/Coaxial converter (FIIO E10) in the chain.  Have some...
I tried my Teac with the HD800 and i am impressed with what i hear. The teac holds back the treble and this goes well with the HD800. I have owned the Dacmagic Plus before and find the Teac a much better match with the HD800. The Dacmagic Plus sounds like a volume control fitted on the line out and is extremely neutral (which is their drawback when powering bright headphones). There is a perceived lack of sounstage with the Teac but this is because of tighter highs.
I am selling these vibro pads which i bought for my Adam A7x monitors. Since i sold the adams, i have no use of these pad anymore. These pads were used only for a week and are in as new condition. They retail for 35 GBP on digital village so my price is reasonable. Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications. Thanks Product Description The Universal Acoustics Vibro Pad II kit includes specially formulated anti-compression pads, designed to improve the...
I am selling my Atacama Nexus 6i Speaker Stands. Stands are in very good condition and the color is silver. Looking for local pickup and expecting 35 GBP or nearest offer. I am located near Stratford, London and can meet you up at Mile End station with the stands.
Picked it up 3 days for 149.95 GBP from richer sound. In comparison to my DAC Magic Plus, these do not sound bright but have a smaller soundstage. To me, they have a softer and relaxed sound but have to wait for them to burn-in. For the price that i paid, it is a bargain but too bad the USB input doesn't work on Linux.
I got a mail from richer sounds two days back which said that the Teach UD-H01 are available for 149.95 GBP even though their website indicated a price of 199 GBP. So i reserved with them over phone and was able to get one for 149.95. I think it is a very good price for a decent balanced DAC with headphone amp. The salesman told me that the price will be available upto wednesday. In comparison to my DAC Magic Plus, the Teac is less bright with smaller soundstage but i...
For sale are my Adam A7x speakers. They are in brand new condition and about 3 months old. Included are original purchase receipt which comes with a 5 year guarantee from the manufacturer and original packaging. Included are the following accessories for free,   - 1 pair of atacama speaker stands. - 1 pair of  Universal Acoustics Vibro-pad II Speaker Isolation Pads (worth 35 GBP). - 1 pair of high quality XLR/XLR cable from dv247 (worth 34 GBP)   I will...
bump. Picture added and price updated to include EU shipping cost
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